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Cloth-eez Prefolds WIN! Prefold Diaper of The Year

We won 2012 Prefold Diaper of the Year.

We won 2013 Prefold Diaper of the Year, too.

We won 2014 Prefold Diaper of the Year!

We won 2015 Prefold/Flat Diaper of the Year!

winner best prefold diaper

padded tush stats winner Click to watch the video and our acceptance speech. See the people at GMD in the video.

" Padded Tush Stats Winner and nominee selection based on votes during the Diaper Award Event and Prefolds Survey.

2012 Prefold Diaper of the Year

Real Diaper Industry news October 2006: Advocacy Shout Out! article.

5 Star Quality based on user reviews at Diaper Pin.

Over the years since we began in 1998 there have been many things that we could put on a "publicity" page, but I'm not to keep track of or keep up with such things. Here are just a few so that the page isn't blank. Sincerely, Karen

2014 top choice award for Workhorse Organic, top choice award 2015 for White Workhorse won in 2015,  excellence award 2015 Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers 2015,  eco friendly award for Workhorse and Cloth-eez Prefold diapers.