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Blueberry Newborn Simplex AIO

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The snap-down cord dip on this really works.

simplex newborn 9 pound baby 9 pounds even, 1 week old, in meadow green.

simplex newborn tweets 6 pounds 8 ounces. The cord is already off so the cord snap down is not snapped down, but it could be.

newborn baby crying 4 days old, about 6 pounds. Even with his knees pulled up the cord dip still works. Newborn babies cry but the little "wahh, wahh" newborn cry sounds are sounds only newborn babies make. It's an amazing sound.

elephants on newborn 4 weeks old, 9 pounds 5 ounces. Almost asleep. So comfy and relaxed.

Simplex Newborn baby 7 weeks old, 10 pounds

11 pounds in simplex newborn all in one diaper11 pounds

simplex newborn on baby 9 weeks old, 11 pounds

newborn simplex aio same baby, 9 weeks old, 11 pounds. At 9 weeks old, this baby is not a newborn anymore, but it still fits at the widest adjustment. A very nice cotton aio.

Pictures of a new, unwashed Maui:

inside of cloth diaper outside of newborn diaper simplex maui simplex umbilical cord snap down 100% cotton built-in. No inserts needed. Snaps down for umbilical cord. The absorbent cotton is built in so no separate cover is needed, thus, it is an AIO, or all-in-one, which means the diaper and cover is sewn all together.

Coordinates with Blueberry laundry bags.

A wonderful newborn verion of the well-loved Simplex. 100% cotton inside! Made in USA. Formerly called Swaddlebees, now called Blueberry. I think it will fit 6-11 pounds nicely, possibly up to 13 pounds on a narrower baby.

Meadow green, periwinkle and pink are a little darker than the images pictured below. The picture on the baby above shows what meadow green really looks like. All the colors are nice colors. No worries.

butter butterflies newborn aio diaper dino party elephants geo newborn simplex snap aio diaper giraffes newborn diaper jungle jam meadow monkeys monsters paisley periwinkle petals pink roundabout snails swirls traffic

Blueberry print colors coordinate with other Blueberry brand items.

blueberry coordinating items

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