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Mommys Touch Snap Covers
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Adjustable one-size fits most 10-30 pounds but best at 14 pounds and up.

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Latex-free. Made in USA! CPSIA-compliant.   High front helps keep the top of pants dry.

This is a diaper cover, not a pocket diaper or all-in-one. Two layers of very soft and non-crinkly PUL waterproofed polyester. No PUL touches baby, just soft knit polyester. It's covered PUL, not exposed PUL. Actually it's more than covered PUL since it is actually two layers of fabric. This gives you more durability than a typical PUL. This extra durability is needed for a cover that fits for such a long time over such a large size range. This helps it last as along as it can, which is a long time but not forever. (Keep that in mind and don't be swept away by unrealistic marketing claims. It's not likely that one-size fits most covers that are your favorites that you use all the time will get passed down to the next baby no matter what brand you purchase.) This being a covered PUL, it is likely to last longer than an exposed PUL, but still eventually everything will wear out depending on use and care. I'm a snap-lover, but the typical limitation of snap covers is that the snaps are where the snaps are so it either fits or it doesn't. Having two rows of snaps helps this be more adjustable. Snaps also don't get lint stuck in it like hook and loop can, so snaps do make sense on a one-size, I think. Of course, take care of your snaps and unsnap nicely. Never yank hard or rip open any snaps on any snap product of any brand.

I like that fact that you put can the rise all the way up at the tallest rise setting and have it fit from a young age, such as 4 or 5 months old if you want to, but you don't have to. This way you can have the cover coming up tall above pants so the top of the pants are less likely to sink in to the diaper area.

I think this is a very comfortable cover, because you can leave it a little looser because it comes up taller and still not get leaks. And with two rows of snaps, you can set the waist or leg adjustment wider or narrower separately. For comfort in a wrap style with covered PUL, Mommys Touch is a winner for me. No bumpy rise snaps on this! The top of the cover folds down so it is not really a one-size fits all because it doesn't adjust all the way down for a newborn. It's really it's more a three-size adjustment cover so it could really be considered a very adjustable medium cover. It is quite cute, too. It's a hard-to-find gem-of-a-cover. Great adjustability for a great fit throughout the many shapes and ages of baby. For longest life, wash warm, hang to dry, but the dryer is ok now and then. These washing instructions are the same and really correct for all brands of non-wool diaper covers.

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Size adjustments - no bumpy rise snaps near the thighs. An adjustable medium sized cover. Made in USA.

mommys touch diaper cover

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Nov 19, 2013
These are my favorite covers! They fit well over prefolds and workhorses. I love that they do not have any exposed PUL and are extremely durable. They are a bit more expensive than some of the other covers, but I think they're worth it!
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Sarah D
Oct 25, 2013
These felt a little expensive for a cover, but they are well worth it! They are super sturdy. They fit well around my daughters chubby thighs; I like that there are snaps that allow me to adjust the leg opening, that is the biggest difference between these and other one size covers. Now that she's mobile these are my go to covers. They seem to stay put better than some of the slippery exposed PUL covers.
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May 6, 2014
I LOVE the mommy's touch newborn cover and had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, I really hate it at the moment. It is huge! It's basically a toddler sized cover with many, many snaps to make it smaller. When snapped down smaller, it is very bunched up and still doesn't really fit a small baby (12.5 pounds, 2 months). I am hoping that it will fit better in a few months as he gets bigger, but I really cannot imagine it ever fitting him properly. One size is a misnomer.

On the plus side, it is well made from quality materials. If you have an older baby or a toddler, this may well be a great cover for you.
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Dec 27, 2013
I think these covers are great. I decided I love snaps when i realized velcro would scratch my toddler's belly. Now on our second child, they are just starting to fit, not crossed over. I don't like to snap down the rise either, and it works! She is 12 lbs. and I usually snappi or pin a Med, Med Wide under these. She still can wear a small prefold, but I use a smaller cover over those usually. She still has plenty of growing room in these. I like that the front flap can be snapped up for chubbier legs. they also feel really nice on. they are soft and pliable, even though they are multi-layered.
We all keep mentioning the price, but it's only a few dollars a cover over something like Bummis, over 2+ years of use, and there are plenty of other covers in this price range, so it's really worth it to have something high quality that works for you.
I forgot to mention that if you are a person who is not a fan of "one-size" diapers like I am, this is one that can still work for you. I am generally a fan of sized covers, but this seems to work just fine without doing many special snap configurations.
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Jan 28, 2014
We love these diapers! I love that they fit high on the torso area and that they are so adjustable. We have never had problems with the prefold peeking out of the top and making the top of her pants wet with these because they fit so high. You can also adjust them to fit lower for younger babies.
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