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Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners

Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners
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One layer of virgin "Malden Mills" 200 weight polar fleece with a finished edge. Line your cotton diaper with this top quality polar fleece and obtain dryness next to baby’s bottom since it allows the moisture to go through it but it doesn’t feel wet. It really works. No long term studies have been done using polyester fleece next to baby’s bottom, but it seems to us that it’s got to be safer than chemical filled throw away diapers. Many moms have used this material in this way successfully in the past 8 years. Use these for a dry feeling when the additional absorbency of the Stay-Dry Doublers is not needed. The color of these is off white natural. However, like ALL polyester fleece products (stay-dry pocket diapers would be included), the fleece is dyed. The white kind is dyed and the natural, off white color ones such as these are dyed as are the white. We stock either white or off-white depending on availability. To the best of my knowledge from conversations with fleece manufacturers, all polyester fleece is dyed. There is no undyed stay-dry fleece. If you discover this is incorrect, please let me know right away, but my research does confirm this disappointing fact. These do meet the CPSIA requirements (Consumer Product Safety Commission laws) for not containing any lead in the dyes. 5 inches wide by 12 inches long. 100% polyester fleece. These are intended to provide a stay-dry layer next to baby's bottom over a cotton diaper, or other absorbent diaper such as hemp/cotton or bamboo rayon blend diapers, but are not for use in pocket diapers. They do not provide absorbency but just provide the stay-dry feel of a quality polyester fleece layer. They provide a layer of polyester fleece for the pee to go through but then act as a stay-dry layer keeping the wetness in the cotton underneath the fleece. Made in the USA.

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May 11, 2015
Normally, I wouldn't spend this much on just a fleece liner. These, however, are amazing. The quality is fabulous. I will be ordering more!
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Christina Liu
Apr 4, 2014
These are fantastic.
I purchased 5 initially to try and was, frankly, astonished at how effective they were. They kept my baby's butt completely dry. The diaper was soaked, but the liner as was dry as if nobody had been peeing on it for hours.
I just ordered 10 more, so I can use them every time I change Cecilia's diaper.
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Lori Gotelli
Oct 28, 2013
I love these. I use them in her night time diaper and they give her that dry feeling. She has sensitive skin and this works great to keep her from a rash or feeling wet, which she hates. I cut up fleece fabric for day time and while it is just ok, it bunches up and doesn't stay put like these do. I plan to buy enough of these to use during the day as well as night. Very inexpensive and worth it.
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Jennifer Sandoval
Nov 30, 2013
Buy. This. Product. NOW! Incredible deal; much better quality than the Bummis fleece; very comfy on our LOs tush; keeps our LO dry; and probably the best priced liner we've ever used! We highly recommend this as well as GMD. Pick up a handful of these for your stash and you won't be disappointed. We lay these on top of all his prefolds, fitteds, and even his AIOs for overnight use. Heck, these even made our CB and our BG pocket diapers that much better!
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Krystal Catino
Nov 11, 2013
I am new to cloth diapering and after doing extensive research decided to use clotheez with liners and thirsties covers during the day. I decided to try these fleece liners and was pleasantly surprised! These liners leave my baby dry and they also stay dry, only thing that is wet is the prefold! I will be ordering more.
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