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litewrap diaper covers

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Size medium Litewrap print on a wide at hips 17 pound 5 month old.

Below is Litewrap print size Medium on a baby who is learning to go from a sit to a crawl. She is about 19.5 or 20 pounds (they do run big). Because Litewrap is full cut, it's ok to put it on looser and still have it contain everything.

sitting baby diaper wrap lite wrap litewrap

litewrap newborn baby

Above is a Newborn size Litewrap print on a 7 pound 10 ounce 2 week old. Litewrap newborn runs big. It would be too big on a smaller newborn. But, since it has full coverage, it's very easy to get them over the diapers. No tucking of fitteds. It fits easily over everything. Newborns under 7 pounds will not fit this right away, but for bigger newborns this is a great cover. It's so easy to use because it's roomy enough to be "foolproof". Plus, it's a great price.

litewrap 10 weeks old10 weeks, almost 12 pounds, in a Litewrap size small. Litewrap newborn can still fit on her, but she can also wear this size small already with lots of growing room, although it is a bit big right now, it works fine. I expect that this cover will fit her for a very long time.

Same baby as above. 10 weeks old, almost 12 pound, average proportions, in size small Litewrap.

diaper wrap 10 weeks old  baby diaper cover

I love Litewrap because, as you can see, it has plenty of room inside for big diapers,and enough rise to cover the beautiful organic fitted diapers. Lots of cotton inside means means lots of absorbency.

But not everyone likes a full-cut style cover. Full-cut is great with fitteds or fastened prefolds, but it's not the best with unfastened prefolds. If you would rather choose a smaller, shorter rise, trimmer fitting cover, try Bummi Super Whisper or Bummis The Original Wrap. The fit of the Litewrap is full cut, more like the fit of a pull-on, but with the convenience of the hook and look front closure.

Oh! Another thing Karen loves about Litewrap: it doesn't get as smelly as some of the other synthetics do, so I can re-use it many times between washes. do.

Litewrap size Large on a 29 pound 24 month old below:

litewarp size large  large on baby

The toddler above is 29 pounds and still has lots of room in a size large Litewrap over a Snug-to-Fit fitted diaper. Snug-to-fit and Litewraps make a great system. Litewraps really do run big. Please don't size up.

Litewrap is full cut, which is great because it covers all kinds of diapers easily. It's not leaky or wicky because of the distance between the edge of the diaper and the binding. It's fabulous over full cut organic diapers such as Under the Nile. Great with pinned or Snappied prefolds too. A truly wonderful cover at a great price!

litewrap closure

litewrap detail

Fold back flaps for no snagging in the wash.

Size Preemie:

twins in cloth diaper covers

Twins in size Preemie, arrived 5 weeks early. In this picture they are 4 weeks old, 6 pounds, and will outgrow these covers very soon. See these twins close up HERE

There is a big size jump between the Preemie size and Newborn size Litewraps. Can you see that in the pictures? The Preemie size are almost outgrown at 6 pounds, but the Newborn size is still quite roomy at 7 lbs 10 ounces. So Preemie size is still Preemie.

For example, a 6 1/2 pound full term baby will not fit into Preemie Litewraps (but will fit into Bummis Original size newborn). Yet a Newborn size Litewrap will be way too big that 6 1/2 pound full term baby.

Thus, a small full term baby cannot fit into Preemie size Litewraps, yet Newborn size Litewraps will be too big on a small full term newborn. For a similar style cover sized a bit smaller for a small full term baby, try Cot'nWrap size newborn instead. Or any Bummis cover in size newborn.

litewrap diaper cover6 months, 17 pounds, size medium.

litewrap diaper wrapsame as above, 6 months, 17 pounds in size medium.

small retro on 4 month old Size small on 4 month old 13 pound baby over Cloth-eez size small yellow edge prefold.

litewrap retro printSize small on 14 month old over red edge prefold diaper. They really do run big. This small is on her, but she really is ready for a medium now.

So if Litewraps are so great, why aren't these the most popular cover? I (Karen) love them! It's best not to dry Litewraps in the dryer (they can take it somewhat but doing that all the time is too hard on them), but it's not good for ANY cover to beat them up in the dryer. If you can take care of your covers by hanging them to dry, they last just fine. I suppose most like a "trim fit" and not a full cut fit, but I think full cut is great. It makes it so easy to to get the cover over the diaper (no need to tuck anything in because there is such good coverage). And they look very comfy for baby to me. There's more room for movement in a full-cut cover. It is best to fasten your prefold under these, so I suppose that is what makes them less popular than the trimmer fitting ones like Bummis, under which fastening is optional (but I still recommend it). I love to fasten the prefolds, even under trim fitting covers, because my babies are messy poopers and fastening really helps for that kind of poop. I know many babies are neater about that than mine, so perhaps that is part of it. Litewraps fit easily over any fitted diaper, and you just can't beat the price in a wrap style cover. Litewraps are a super deal. The 2008-2009 version Litewraps are more durable than the older version made several years ago. I really think they should be more popular than they are. The fabric is slightly thicker than some of the pricier covers, but it's fine. So for 8 bucks, give one a try! You just might like it. Full cut is also great for naps because you can put more cotton inside, and the leg bindings sit farther away from the diaper thus less likely to wick moisture out at the legs. They do have a "wipe clean" interior for decreased odor and dampness retention.

They are especially great in size newborn because they fit over everything and don't get outgrown too quickly since they are so roomy.

People search for "trim fitting" cloth diapers all the time. Cloth diapers just aren't trim like disposables. Try to get "trim fitting" off of your "must have" list, and enjoy a "fluffy cloth diaper baby bottom". It's so cute!

4 to 8 pounds
7 to 10 pounds
10 to 15 pounds
15 to 20 pounds
20 to 30
30 + pounds
(size preemie Litewrap is our tiniest cover. For preemies or very small newborns)

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