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Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin
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Lansinoh lanolin for re-lanolizing your wool covers. Unlike other lanolins you might find out there, Lansinoh is pure and does not "smell like a wet sheep" like some others I've tried. See the video of how to wash wool. Lanolizing as shown in the video does give the best wool performance results, and this is the least expensive way to lanolize your wools. Inexpensive and very effective. Pure lanolin; no alcohol or detergent residues. More effective than liquid lanolins and homemade mixes. Also great for breast soreness and is the same product as Lansinoh Lanolin for breastfeeding mothers. Lansinoh Lanolin is also the best rash cream ever in our opinion. Use this as a natural moisture barrier on baby's bottom, and for healing rashes. Also great for dry, cracked hands. It works! And it's totally pure with no funky "unpronounceables". Since it melts in hot water, it washes out of cloth diapers quite well, too, unlike many grocery store rash creams. A must for all babies, even if you don't choose wool covers.

Made in Australia.

New packaging choices. Choose one tube of 1.41 ounces in a box, or choose 3 tiny tubes in one box, call minis. Minis are just .25 ounces each for total of .75 ounces. The mini tubes are convenient but you get more lanolin in the single 1.41 ounce tube.

mini lansinoh in package Minis. Three tubes of .25 ounce each in a box.

mini lansinoh package One regular size tube of 1.41 ounces in a box.

I'll try to show you the sizes:

comparison lanolin compare lansinoh

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Jul 5, 2014
This lanolin is amazing! I got a tube at the baby shower for my first child--it's 2 1/2 years later, my second child is 7 months old and the tube is finally almost gone! I've used it both while breastfeeding and for lanolizing wool covers. I have tried both liquid lanolin and spray lanolin and I keep coming back to my trusty ol' tube. I even use it on chapped hands when lotion isn't doing the trick. Must-have product not just for nursing mothers, but for everyone!
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Dec 14, 2013
Miracle stuff right here! I knew Lansinoh from nursing, and had no idea I could use it to re-lanolize my wool covers. It works perfectly, and one tube lasts FOREVER.
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Kelli Stewart
Mar 7, 2015
I used Lansinoh for nipple tenderness during the early days of nursing, but it has really come in handy as a gentle ointment for my little guy's bottom for occasional redness. I always have a tube or two lying around for that and lanolizing wool covers.
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Sep 30, 2016
I had several tubes left from the early days of nursing, and I was kind of bummed because I thought they were just going to go to waste (it worked so well, I didn't have to use tons of it!). I'm SO HAPPY to learn they can be used on cloth diaper bums. We'll keep buying it - though I don't imagine we'll need to often! :)
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