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How To Wash Wool

The GMD 16 page How-To Booklet is available with your order when you add it to your cart from here or from the How-To Info link in the left navigation bar. The Booklet is more detailed than this page is but this will give you a great start.


Lanolin is the natural waterproofing on sheep's wool. This natural lanolin is what makes the wool "waterproof". Wool absorbs about 30% of it's weight without feeling wet, which means "overspill" gets absorbed by the wool and, ta da! No leaks. Just let the wool air dry between uses, and you can go for weeks between washings. Wool doesn't get smelly like synthetics do. The lanolin on the wool cover gets used up by the urine as the cover air dries, so after a while you will need to restore lanolin to the cover to maintain the cover's effectiveness. Getting lanolin back onto the wool is call lanolizing. Some people do a short water-only soak or rinse prior to lanolizing to rinse out any residue first. Some like to lanolize their covers inside out, butI do not notice any difference in the results either way.

To wash a wool cover without lanolizing, follow the same instructions but omit the lanolin.

If there is poop on the cover, use some olive oil bar soap (Kiss My Face makes some) and gently wash it out prior to lanolizing. If you don't have olive oil bar soap, Ivory bar soap will work fine. Do not use Woolite or other commercial wool detergents on diaper covers.

Melt 1/4 inch of Lansinoh Lanolin in hot water. Add 1/2 capful of Eucalan Woolwash to the hot water. Mix to break up and mix in the Lanolin. Fill sink. The water should be room temperature. Not ice cold, and not too hot. Place wool cover in sink and gently push cover under the water. Let it soak for about 15 minutes.

After soaking, gently squeeze excess water out, then roll it between two towels to get even more moisture out. Let it dry for about 24 hours, or if just washing let is soak longer or even overnight

This link takes you to You Tube.

how to lanolize a wool cover video

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This video is 2 minutes long. Thus you see, it only takes 2 minutes of doing something to lanolize a wool cover. It's easy!

Complete written instructions are included with your order in the How To Booklet.

How does wool work? See it demonstrated:

Click the picture below to see wool work. This link takes you to You Tube as a popup. See wool work

how wool works image

The video shows the Disana Leggings but the wool cover works the in the same manner but even better because it is 2 layers. Wool resists moisture but the cotton absorbs moisture quickly. Then when the diaper is soaked and pressed onto the wool cover, the wool will become damp. That is great! The wool will take up the extra moisture INSTEAD of the moisture coming out and leaking. Then, just air out the wool and let it dry. It will be ready to use again soon and will air out to fresh. After a while (usually 1 week or several weeks or more depending on use, age of baby and how wet you let them get between diaper changes,) you hand wash it gently. It's easy.

Here is an image of the Lana handwashing and care instructions, which offers more information about wool and it's care and use.