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Kusikuy Alpaca Shorts

Kusikuy Alpaca Shorts
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Rise 7 inch is for 5-15 months

Rise 8 inch is for 12-18 months.

Sizes do overlap in the shorts style.

Choose your rise length. Measure the rise of a pair of pants that you like the size of and compare that to the choices.    Rise is measured from the crotch to the top of the waistband when layed flat.   

An alternative to Disana Wool Pull-on for night diapering. They work on a young baby and look like pants. On a toddler, they fit like shorts. They fit for a while!

Thick, two-layer alpaca is an effective, breathable diaper cover fabric. It really is two layers of beautiful, soft alpaca.  They fit long, more like Capris, especially on a younger baby.  They can fit for a very long time.  These are both the diaper cover and the clothing. Alpaca is more durable than merino wool and also very soft. No dyes! The lovely gender-neutral brown color is the actual color of the super-fine grade alpaca fiber. The second layer is basically a pair of shorts connected at the top inside to another pair of shorts.  This works as a diaper cover and is often chosen as pajama bottoms over an abosrbent night cotton diaper.   But it really is beautiful daytime clothing, too, so it's not just your night diaper cover.  

See the inside and more pictures (of the pants, anyhow) on babies. Yes, for real, you really can machine wash these on a very gentle or wool cycle, lay flat to dry, and not bother lanolizing.   Alpacas don't make lanolin (they are not sheep, they are alpacas) so their fiber doesn't need lanolizing.   I don't lanolize but I still prefer to hand-wash my daughter's pants because I think hand washing my lovely wools and alpaca is fun and not hard to do. These pants are night-worthy yet suitable for day wear as your favorite clothing item, no diaper separate cover needed. Fair trade made conscientiously in Bolivia, these pants are a custom-ordered item hand-knitted for Green Mountain Diapers. We only get a few dozen per year and when they are gone for the season they are gone for a while until more are knit.


Hand knit in Bolivia, fair trade, good wages. I really mean "hand knit" - with knitting needles, and that circular piece that connects the needles to make the circle. They are not made on a machine but are actually hand-knit by women, providing jobs and income for the indigenous women in rural Bolivia as an extra thing as they go about their lives. This is very small-scale and custom. No sweat-shop manufacturing at all for these. They are really quite homemade by highly skilled knitters. These are so lovely. The tan color will vary from tan to brown but all of the shades are lovely and alpaca is so soft and wonderful! There is no need to lanolize these. Alpaca is very hypo-allergenic since there is no sheeps lanolin on them. Once you try and know alpaca, you'll be sold on it and not even want to use any others.

See more pictures on babies

Measurements will vary a little and finish work will vary, too.   These really are hand knit on needles so expect variations which is part of the beauty of them. Please wash by hand.

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Sep 26, 2015
Absolutely love these shorties, they are just as amazing as the longies! so soft, and fit great!!! my 15 month old can fit the 2T size in these great, and she also wears the 2T in the longies as well, with room to grow. They are very well made, I highly recommend these!
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