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Kissas Fitted Diaper in Organic Cotton and Hemp

Stock Status: SOLD OUT. This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


kissaluvs zero  kissas zero Size zero on a 10 day old baby

kissaluvs zero baby with cord Size zero on a newborn baby

kissaluv 5 weeks old

size zero on 14 pound baby Size zero on 14 pound baby. It still fits.


kissas size m/l on 14 pound baby Size Medium/Large on the same 14 pound baby. Shown with the rise adjusted down and without the snap in doubler.


size medium/large Kissas kissas fitted diaper open size zero kissaluvs

Size zero also has a snap in doubler that can be removed for a young baby. It also has a really nice snap-down cord dip that works. This diaper is our best fitted diaper for newborn-young baby breastfed poop explosion containment. Notice the way the elastic is sewn curved along the edge of the diaper. It is a more expensive and superior way to sew design and sew the fitted diaper (Workhorse doesn't curve it like that) and it is very effective.

Fabric: 55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton.

Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is the perfect fabric for diapers. Not only does this pure fabric provide the best for your baby, it's also environmentally safe. It is grown without any harmful sprays, chemicals, or pesticides. It's what gives our diapers that character and natural color. Organic cotton takes substantially more time and effort to cultivate, and therefore costs more, but it's worth it. Your baby gets its native goodness and our earth is better cared for.

Hemp: Hemp plant has been around for thousands of years and is known for its sturdiness and durability. It is one of the most, if not the most durable natural fiber known to mankind. It is naturally anti-bacterial and requires no irrigation, uses no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and gets harvested and processed by hand. Its positive environmental impact and naturally anti-bacterial properties make it a wonderful choice for our diapers. Its porous nature provides superior absorbency and makes it softer with each wash.

Choose the right cover to fit properly over this or any fitted style diaper. The Designed to fit with Kissas Marvels and Kissas Kutie covers are designed to work with these. There are other choices too, such as Imse Vimse, Litewrap, pull-on style covers and anything wool. If your baby is narrow, you may be able to fit trim-fitting covers over the fitted style diapers. We still recommend covers that are made to go over fitteds for this. Covers made for trifolding (pad-folding) a prefold or other insert inside them are shaped differently. While it is possible that they will work just fine, items that are made to go with each other do tend to work best. YMMV. Baby's shape has a lot to do with fit, too.

medium large in cover  size zero Kissaluvs in cover The size one does come with a snap in doubler which is not shown in this picture

Note from Karen about washing hemp/cotton and cotton natural fibers: I recommend not using excessive amounts of borax (such as homemade laundry soap recipes) when using hemp products. Hemp is different than cotton and it seems hold on to borax and not rinse it easily. It does wash fine in mainstream detergents. Those "made for cloth diapers" detergents are generally bad for natural fibers, in my opinion. Stick to mainstream detergents with cotton fibers and cotton/hemp fibers. If you want a clean rinsing specialty product, choose Charlies Soap, BumGenius or Country Save -style products but not products which contain excessively amounts of high sodium carbonate and sodium peroxyhydrate that are really made for synthetic pocket diapers. Synthetic fabrics need a lot of abuse to try to keep them from smelling horrible, but natural fibers don't need that. Natural fibers wash more easily. Keep it simple.

This is made in the USA. However, it is not legal to grow hemp in the USA, so all hemp is imported.


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