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We are sorry that this cotton diaper is not currently available. We'll keep the pictures up here for a while because the babies are so cute, but the diaper is not available. We might have it available again in fall 2014.

infant fitted diaper 9 weeks old, 11 pounds, in moss green

This is a diaper. It requires a diaper cover.

infant fitted 7 weeks 7 weeks old, 10 pounds

infant fitted moss on baby 9 weeks old, 11 pounds. This is very soft fabric and I think it is very comfortable for baby. No red marks at the legs yet still nice containment.

infant fitted diapersGMD™ New, stain-hiding earth-tone colors. The colored cotton is only on the outside. White inside. Still 100% cotton. White is not currently available.

12 pounds 12 weeks old, 12 pounds. Soft, easy, comfortable.

newborn cloth diaper10 days old, 7.5 pounds.

The front is folded under for cord area. Thus the rise of the diaper is more than shown in these pictures. This diaper doesn't get outgrown in moments like some other newborn diapers, but as baby gets older and wets more, use it at it's full rise height and you might want to add a doubler.

newborn cloth diaperssame baby as above. This is a wonderful newborn diaper. It does require a cover. This is the cotton diaper only. Put a cover over it for waterproofness. If you are looking for the kind with the waterproof outer layer built in (all in one piece), you are looking for the Simplex Newborn.

newborn diapers5 weeks old, 11 pounds 11 ounces.

newborn baby in diaper6 pound 14 ounce baby who is 5 days old. Her cord has already fallen off. You can fold it down lower so it's below the cord in those first days. Just tuck it down more. It works fine for the cord.

newborn fitted on baby This 1 week old is 7 pounds 10 ounces.

We created the GMD™ Infant Fitted Diapers 12 years ago to offer an economical choice in the fitted diaper style for a newborn. (GMD™ is for Green Mountain Diapers.) It is 100% cotton, 2 layers of flannel with 3 layers of terry hidden inside (prior versions were 2 layers inside, these new ones are now 3 layers of terry for better absorbency). It's not as absorbent as a Workhorse, but add a small doubler and it is. The flannel fabric is softer than Workhorse and the leg openings are softer, too. Hook and loop closure, which is quick to do and hard to find in a newborn fitted diaper.


As baby grows, so will baby's bladder and thus baby's output will increase. The trimmess of the GMD™ Infant Fitted Diapers is deliberate so a brand new newborn is not overwhelmed by the diaper. As baby gets older some will need the additional absorbency of an added doubler in the diaper. Just about any doubler is fine. This need for doublers as baby grows is true for diapers intended to fit newborns and not get outgrown in the first few weeks. Our favorites for young babies are the Small Hemp Doublers or Cloth-eez small doublers. Plus they are useful for added absorbency throughout the entire diapering years and thus are a worthwhile investment.

GMD infant fitted inside12 days old, 7 pounds 11 ounces. Compare to larger baby below.

GMD fitted 12 weeks old12 weeks old. 13.5 pounds. A much bigger baby, yet it still fits nicely.

newborn Khaki diaperAt 14 pounds already, this still fits but just barely. This baby is quite chubby, heavy and wider than average. Most newborn items are outgrown at 10 pounds, but this fits a lot longer for good value. It's so soft, too. The Thirsties Duo size one is also at the full it's time to get the next size ordered because even though these still fit now, they won't fit for much longer because babies do grow overnight.

GMD infant fittedWe do NOT recommend this, it's really too small on him, but we show this picture to show that you can get good use out of the GMD™ Infant Fitted diaper before it gets outgrown. This diaper fits newborns and is intended for newborns. This baby is a big 4 month old! He is 16 pounds already. I was surprised to see a 16 pound baby in a newborn diaper, so I had to take a picture. It works on him with a doubler, but it really is too small on him now. Yet the fact that is does manage to get on him at all demonstrates the true size of this diaper. Most moms will move up to the Snug to Fit diaper at about 13 pounds or so, and not wait this long to get the next size.

Below is the same baby as the 4 month old above, in the same diaper. This picture was taken when he was 2 weeks old:

newborn diaper2 weeks old

cotton newborn diaper The diaper does require a cover for waterproofness. You wouldn't leave baby on a cotton blanket like this for long without a cover. Or if you like to go coverless, try putting baby on a Snugglewool Blanket, a Changing Pad or my personal favorite for under newborns when going coverless: Wool Changing Pad. I love wool, and the wool changing pad is like soft little blanket that's a lot like wool cover when baby is wrapped in it or on it.

But normally you'd use a cover like this one about to be put over the diaper: diaper in Thirsties duo Thirsties Duo size 1 shown about to be put on over the diaper.

Thirsties Duo size 1, Thirsties Cover size XS or Litewrap size newborn are good selections over this diaper. The really tiny just for the first weeks covers such as Bummis Super Brite size newborn or Mommys Touch Adjustable newborn covers do not fit over this diaper. If you want Super Brite for to go over this diaper, choose size small, not size newborn and it will be fine.

side view of diaper 12 pounds

infant fitted diapers GMD™ Infant Fitted Diaper, Aplix hook and loop closure

Fits 7 to 13 pounds or so.

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