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Imse Vimse Nursing Inserts - Pear Shaped - Wool/Silk

Imse Vimse Nursing Inserts - Pear Shaped - Wool/Silk
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Breast pads are warm and protect your breasts, absorb leaking milk and at the same time keep your breasts dry and warm and allow your skin to breathe. By keeping your breasts warm they help to prevent blocked milk ducts. They are particularly comfortable if you have extra sensitive breasts or if your nipples easily become tender and chafed. The soft, silk fabric feels extra smooth against your skin.

The pads are made of two layers of merino wool and one layer of silk tricot. This makes them soft and pliable for a perfect fit inside a nursing bra. You can use the pear shape to cover the area close to your arm pit. This outer section is the section that seems most prone to duct problems so keeping that area warm might help.

Note from Karen: Alternatively you can tuck the pear shaped section under the lower band of your bra. This will hold the pad in place when it's time to nurse baby. This handy trick is convenient so you don't have to find a place to put the pad while baby nurses and it also helps you keep track of your pads. I found that I misplaced my good pads often because I take them out to nurse baby and set them down somewhere. I'm focused on baby, who then needs to be burped and changed and I forget about the nursing pads. But tucking the end under the lower band keeps this overtired and prolactin-sleepy momma from misplacing these lovely wool/silk nursing pads. They do seem soothing. Heavy leakers can leak through these. They absorb some, but mostly they are soothing and comfortable.

Size 7x6 inches/ 19x14 cm, pear-shaped

Package: 1 pair/pack. Gently hand wash. Lay flat to dry.

Made in Europe

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