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Size preemie. Don't skip over this just because they named it "preemie". It is really a nice newborn cover for any baby born under 7.5 pounds.

imse vimse preemie imse vimse preemie imse open with newborn prefold compare imse vimse preemie and newborn diaper covers

imse vimse zoo size newborn on 4 week old baby Size newborn on 4 week old 9 lb 5 ounce baby over size small snappied Cloth-eez yellow edge prefold diaper. Newborn size runs big. The preemie Imse Vimse is a newborn sized cover and the newborn size is almost like a size small cover.

imse vimse organic velour 6 weeks old, in size newborn.

preemie diapersize preemie on a 6 pound newborn

preemiesize preemie on 6 pound 5 ounce 2 week old.

newborn imse vimse cover Newborn on 2 week old 7 pounds 10 ounces, over an orange edge Cloth-eez prefold. It fits a newborn but roomy enough to not get outgrown too quickly. Excellent choice if you might have a large newborn, but also works fine with growing room on average newborns with room to grow, as you can see.

imse vimse size small Small on 14 pound baby over a fitted diaper


imse vimse organic 5 1/2 months old, almost 15 pounds in size small

imse vimse velour 5 1/2 months old, almost 15 pounds in size small.

organic diaper wrapsame 5 1/2 month old as above. Shows the wonderful, soft and effective leg gussett.

imse vimse diaper cover3.5 months old, size small

Imse jungle 11 pounds9 weeks old, 11 pounds in size small. It's really too big on him right now. Size newborn fits him better.

imse vimse organic white 12 weeks, 13 pounds in size small white. Plenty of growing room in this cover on her. An infant size prefold is under this.

organic diaper wrap 12 weeks, 13 pounds size small stripe. Same baby as above, shown over Organic Cotton Growing Greens fitted diaper.

imse vimse organic 5 months, 16 pounds size medium shown over a red edge Cloth-eez prefold diaper

imse diaper wrapsize large, 10 months, 20 pounds, over a Snug-to-Fit Supreme fitted diaper. Great gusset, trim fit.

imse vimse coversize large, 14 months old, about 23 pounds

diaper wrapsame baby as above, size large 14 months old, showing what is under the cover. It's an unfastened rainbow short prefold , which is equivalent to the current red edge size. The sides of the prefold have been brought around the hips AS IF the mom were going to fasten the prefold with pins, but then instead of pinning, she just closed the wrap and the wrap holds it in place quite nicely. Easy!

below is age 20 months, 26 pounds, size XL:

toddler in diaper wrap cotton diaper wrap20 months in size XL, fits with growing room. I like the fact that this cover comes up tall in front.

imse vimse preemie size preemie

imse vimse premature baby in cover same as above, 35 weeks about 5 pounds in size preemie over a preemie prefold

The waterproofing is hidden - does not touch baby. Soft polyester knit inside, organic cotton outside. The PUL layer (the waterproofing) is hidden in between thus is not exposed, except in the tiny gusset area, where laminate is exposed in order to prevent moisture from wicking to the outside of the cover. The bindings are spandex (or is it lycra, I'm not sure). The feel of the cover is very soft, thin and pliable, with no stiffness or "crunchiness". There is no "plasticy sound" to it at all. A very nice, high quality cover, in a taller-than-most-covers at the waist style.

Of all the non-wool covers, this one feels the nicest on your hands when you hold baby. Nothing else compares for "feel". Well, except wool. Wool covers are really soft also.

Preemie size works for most average newborns. I wish it were named XS instead of preemie. It's really nice on a 7 pound newborn. If you look closely at the pictures above, you can see the size on newborns.

zoo blue giraffes size newborn in zoo blue giraffes


Preemie 4  to 9  pounds (runs bigger)
Newborn 6.5  to 13  pounds (runs bigger)
Small 11 to 17 pounds
Medium 15 to 22  pounds
Large 20 to 26  pounds
XLarge 24 to 31  pounds
Super Large 28+ pounds

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