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GroVia Shell Hybrid Diaper Cover (AI2)

GroVia Shell Hybrid Diaper Cover (AI2)
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Shell only (absorbency is not included, see absorbency)

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Gro-Via Shell is a hybrid diaper cover that has snaps inside for the snap-in soaker pad sold separately here . The Shell is designed to allow for multiple wears between washes and uses the industry's best materials. For use with our Soaker Pads, BioSoakers, and other absorbent diapers.

What is an AI2? It means All-in-Two which means the absorbency part snaps in to the waterproof part so when you put it on baby, it goes one together in one piece, but it comes apart for easier washing. Also often you can re-use the cover part by snapping a fresh absorbency part (soaker) in to the same shell if it is not soiled.

GroVia calls it a "shell" but the common word is "diaper cover" - they mean the same thing - the waterproof part that goes over something absorbent. The special thing about this is that it has snaps inside it. It is designed specifically for use with the GroVia Soakers or Stay Dry Soakers, which are sold separately. You can use anything that fits in there that is absorbent (and ignore the interior snaps) such as a prefold. They are very trim fitting, so the small yellow edge prefold is usually the correct size inside this trim cover at the highest rise. Choose newborn orange edge for smaller rise settings. If you want trim, this is it. Of course, the trimmer it is, the smaller it is, which means it is not going to be as absorbent as a big and bulky diaper, but that is always the tradeoff. The best use is of course with the soakers that are specifically designed for it. They are found here. The GroVia Soakers in the GroVia Shells make a very trim, very easy to use system. GroVia Soakers come in two versions. Choose stay-dry or organic cotton next to baby. Both are very soft! It is made conscientiously in China.

Note from Karen: This is trim and it can be used over prefolds by ignoring the inner snaps that are there to attach the snap-in soakers. I find that the small yellow edge prefolds work nicely on the the highest rise setting. The medium prefolds are a big too much for this trim cover in my opinion. The hook and loop version is the softest, most gentle hook and loop system available. It's not likely to bind baby's tummy like stiffer, scratchier version of hook and loop. If you care for it gently it will last just fine but if you wash it harshly, that will take a toll on the hook and loop closure over time. There is a always a tradeoff for softness. Snaps in all brands are always more durable than hook and loop style closures but still there are advantages and disadvantages of each style and it's great to have choices. I like soft and comfy, so I do like this hook and loop style better than the stiffer kind.

NEW colors Rose and Abalone.

Snap Closure:

grovia shell snap abalone bluegrovia shell snap rose pinkonyxballot june and januarychiffonhaze  astro  cloud grey  funfair lotus opheliatex snap  topaz vanilla snap

Hook and Loop Closure:

grovia shell hook and loop abalone blueGrovia shell hook and loop rose pinkonyx june and januaryballot june and january calicochiffonhaze   cloud grey hook and loop  funfair lotus hook and loop ophelia  tex  topaz vanilla

click here for pictures on a baby link to soaker

purrrrfect combo set Purrrrfect Combo Set is here.

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Apr 4, 2014
This diaper is cute and works the best! holds my 6 month old over all night. She has been a heavy wetter for the longest time. It took me some time to find these diapers. But I and very glad I did and have been adding them to my collection.
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Sep 18, 2014
I adored our Aplix GroVia cover at first - we do some EC, which means frequent quick changes, and we trifold prefolds into covers rather than fastening, and this one stayed dry and usable through many changes and the clever loop cloth front made for a great custom fit. However, not six months after getting it, the loop was shot - the diaper would just fall off while he was crawling if he didn't have pants over it. While I like a lot of things about it, a cover that doesn't stay on is pretty useless.

For the record, we used both yellow-edge infant and white-edge wide medium prefolds in the Grovia successfully.
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Amber Thompson
Dec 13, 2014
I love GroVia shells! There is something extra nice about the feel of TPU over PUL and they have really nice snaps. I also really like the mesh on the inside. I appreciate that it keeps the TPU off of my baby's skin; it also makes using an insert easier when putting on because it isn't slippery like it would be if the TPU were exposed. They hold up well and are the trimmest covers we have ever used. The elastic is also gentle on my chunky boy. I originally bought a couple for a trip to use with the disposable inserts, but I use them daily with the ClothEez OS Flats. I fold them into quarters then thirds and they fit so nicely. It is a nice trim fit. I would compare it to a Medium Simplex AIO- also a nice trim diaper. It is nice and trim with the GroVia snap in inserts and super trim with their disposables. I cannot comment on the hook and loop as I have never tried it. I recommend this cover.
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Tisha Friesen
Oct 2, 2014
The GOOD 1. trim fitting 2. can use the cover through several changes 3. fits a broad range of sizes (my newborn, my 15 month 19 pounder and my 30 month 26 pounder) 4. PUL does not touch baby 5. cute colors and prints 6. user friendly just snap in insert and go 7. nice soft organic cotton soakers/doublers

the BAD 1. velcro is completely shot after 6 months on covers 2. difficult to clean and care for 3. not for night use 4. inserts beginning to get holes after 6 months of proper care 5. Grovia does not stand by their product 6. soakers take forever to dry (2 cycles in dryer or 2 days hung) you pretty much need to hang them if you expect them to last 7. expensive 8. must have a very large stash of these for them to last and get even wear and to have enough while the dirty ones are washing and drying 9. must use special laundry detergent

If you buy this system these are my recommendations:
1. Buy only the snap covers NOT aplix
2. Buy only the organic cotton soakers and doublers (the fleece stay dry bunch up because the fleece and cotton in them shrink unevenly)use a separate fleece liner on top of organic soaker if you want stay dry
3. If you want to save money use with small size prefolds folded in thirds.
4. Don't plan on using these at night.
5. Plan on washing on warm with diaper specific laundry detergent and hanging to dry and note that most other diaper laundry can and should be washed on hot so this may mean a separate load for Grovia items NOT convenient!
6. their diaper balm is great as are their cloth wipes
7. don't waste your money on the disposable bioliners or soakers

Hope this helps
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Apr 26, 2014
I doubled down on Gro-vias during my baby shower. I'd never cloth diapered before, and my local baby supply store carries these along with Bummis. I went with Grovias because of how trim they are. I love a big bottomed baby, but I also wanted my girl to fit into normal clothes.

I have very few complaints. The inserts work great, both cotton and fleece. The cotton is super absorbant, and the fleece is great because she stays a little drier, giving me a few more minutes before she fusses. The fit is trim as promised. My only issue was the fit around 2 months. She was super skinny and long, and the leg gussets just were not tight enough. I bought some prefolds, used a snappi with the covers and voila! No more leaks. Now that she's a little heavier, the gussets are working fine, and I still use the prefolds but just trifolded in place with no snappi. Mixing up my stash with both the grovia inserts and prefolds is a little more budget friendly.
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