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GroVia Purrrrfect Shell and Wet Bag Combo Set

GroVia Purrrrfect Shell and Wet Bag Combo Set
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hook and loop shell and wet bag purrfectgrovia shell purrfect with wet bag

Each Purrrrfect Snap Shell Combo includes a Snap Shell and a matching Zippered Wetbag in the adorable Purrrrfect print!  This is a one-time stocking of this limited print.   SALE! Save 15%

PLEASE NOTE: The absorbency part is NOT included. This combo set is just the shell (also called a diaper cover) and the matching wet bag. The soaker (absorbency part) is sold separately: GroVia Soakers. (Or just use the Cloth-eez newborn orange or small yellow edge prefolds that you already own for the absorbency part!)

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Gro-Via Shell is a hybrid diaper cover that has snaps inside for the snap-in soaker pad sold separately here . The Shell is designed to allow for multiple wears between washes and uses the industry's best materials. For use with our Soaker Pads, BioSoakers, and other absorbent diapers.

GroVia calls it a "shell" but the common word is "diaper cover" - they mean the same thing - the waterproof part that goes over something absorbent. The special thing about this is that it has snaps inside it. It is designed specifically for use with the GroVia Soakers or Stay Dry Soakers, which are sold separately. You can use anything that fits in there that is absorbent (and ignore the interior snaps) such as a prefold. They are very trim fitting, so the small yellow edge prefold is usually the correct size inside this trim cover at the highest rise. Choose newborn orange edge for smaller rise settings. If you want trim, this is it. Of course, the trimmer it is, the smaller it is, which means it is not going to be as absorbent as a big and bulky diaper, but that is always the tradeoff. The best use is of course with the soakers that are specifically designed for it. They are found here. The GroVia Soakers in the GroVia Shells make a very trim, very easy to use system. GroVia Soakers come in two versions. Choose stay-dry or organic cotton next to baby. Both are very soft! It is made conscientiously in China.

Note from Karen: This is trim and it can be used over prefolds by ignoring the inner snaps that are there to attach the snap-in soakers. I find that the small yellow edge prefolds work nicely on the the highest rise setting. The medium prefolds are a big too much for this trim cover in my opinion. The hook and loop version is the softest, most gentle hook and loop system available. It's not likely to bind baby's tummy like stiffer, scratchier version of hook and loop. If you care for it gently it will last just fine but if you wash it harshly, that will take a toll on the hook and loop closure over time. There is a always a tradeoff for softness. Snaps in all brands are always more durable than hook and loop style closures but still there are advantages and disadvantages of each style and it's great to have choices. I like soft and comfy, so I do like this hook and loop style better than the stiffer kind.

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Sarah S
Jan 6, 2017
Nice quality. Love the cover it is nice and trim. Wet bag is perfect for organizing some cloth wipes or a few diapers. Print is ADORABLE!!! Wish I could justify more than one set.
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