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GroVia Pail Liner
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This is a large full-size pail liner with a drawstring. about 25 inches wide by 27 inches tall. It only comes in the color vanilla. It opens wide at the top for easy loading and unloading. As for all of the pail liners that have drawstrings (Bummis and Cloth-eez do also) please be sure to tuck the drawstring into the pail. It tucks in easily out of sight and out of reach. You don't want to leave cords dangling in baby's reach. This is nice and durable and is at a slightly lower price point for it's generous size. It's still nice quality and a great value. The others are made in USA except Bummis which are made in Canada. Gro Via pail liner in vanilla is made in China.

Karen's favorite pail liner because it is the easiest to wash since it opens up so wide at the top. The wide opening helps it not get a puddle inside it as easily in the machine since it can flatten out more easily for washing. I tend to prefer things that are the easiest to wash overall. It is not seam-sealed like Thirsties Pail Liner which wins for waterproofness, but it functions just fine in a diaper pail, which is keep the inside of the pail from contacting the diapers thus decreasing the need to scrub the inside of the pail, and of course for transporting the diapers to the washer. Learn more about pail liners and see pictures.

If you are looking for the largest size pail liner we know of, this is it.

I love the the drawstring ACTUALLY SLIDES! Most of the others really don't slide very well or have a sewn down elastic top, but this one slides quite well.

pail liner in hampergrovia pail liner  gro via pail liner Pail not included.   Easily fits pails that are made for regular 13 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags or a tall hamper. Allow air circulation. See the pail size label here.

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About Diaper Pail Liners

Moving the diapers to the washing machine is easier with a liner. Our liners are good, durable liners that are made to be washed with the diapers. Dry for a short time in the dryer or hang to dry for longest life. They do dry quickly. It's extra nice to have two pail liners, so you can put a fresh one in the pail right away on wash day. The purpose of the liner is to make it easier to transport the diapers to the washing machine and for keeping poop streaks off the inside of the diaper pail. For deep water soaking, do not use a pail liner. We don't recommend deep water soaking because that is a drowning risk. If you want to soak, that's fine but do it in your washing machine safely away from baby and children. Using a pail liner really decreases or eliminates the need to scrub out the inside of the pail. I never scrub out my pail, but I do put it in the sun to deodorize it occasionally. I think it is a good idea to put the pail in outside in the sun once in a while if you can because UV rays really do freshen up the pail itself without any scrubbing at all.

Looking for a diaper pail? We don't sell them because any garbage pail without a lid or with a lid that is not airtight works well. Yes, I do mean NOT airtight. Airtight diaper storage is bad. The pail does need some air circulation.

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Sep 27, 2016
Love it! Great waterproof liner that I use on a laundry hamper. The drawstring allowed me to adjust the opening so it could fit the hamper perfectly. I also bought 2 to rotate while doing laundry.
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Sep 27, 2016
This bag is nice and big. It holds all our diapers with no problem. Even after a few days, we don't notice any smell from the diapers either.
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Sep 27, 2016
Great large pail liner. We use it in our 13 gallon pivot lid trash can (http://www.target.com/p/-/A-50385165 to be exact) and it fits wonderfully, with plenty of spare room at the top to fold over the rim of the pail. Nice neutral color. We purchased 2 to rotate in the laundry. At some point within the first few washings, the drawstring snapped on one of the bags, so we just got rid of it and it really doesn't make a difference in ease of use, but that's why I took off 1 star.
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