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Gift Registry Instructions

Creating a Baby Gift Registry is Easy!  Follow these steps below:

1.  Login or create an account in the "Customer Area" section.

2.  Click "My Gift Registry" in the column on the right below "Your Cart."

3.  Click the "Add New Registry" button.

4.  Select "Public" if you would like anyone to be able to view your gift registry and make purchases from it....OR...Select "Private" if you want to restrict viewing of your gift registry to only people you email in Step 11.

5.  Enter a "Title" for your baby gift registry.

6.  Select an "Event Date."  The date selected is completely up to you.  If your registry is for an upcoming event, you can set this date as the "event date."  If you don't have an event associated with your gift registry, we recommend you set the "event date" to the date you would like to have all gift registry items purchased.  [Note: To ensure your gift registry can be easily found by your friends and family, please don't set the "event date" to more than 1 year ahead of today's date.  This is recommended because the default gift registry date search range only finds registries with an "event date" occurring in the next 12 months.]

7.  Fill in the "Description" block with any pertinent information about your gift registry (or anything else you would like to convey).  Please note that the information in this "Description" block is displayed at the top of the Registry page.  It isn't included in the email message sent in Step 12.

8.  Enable the Guestbook option if you want to allow people to read and leave comments within your gift registry.

9.  Click the "Create" button to complete the initial setup and allow items to be added to your baby gift registry.

10.  At this point, you can add items to your registry by navigating to each product, selecting options / quantities, and then clicking the "Add to list..." button (next to the "Add to Cart" button).  Then, select the gift registry from the drop down box and click the small arrow to the right of the box.  Repeat this step for all of the products you would like included in your baby gift registry.

11.  When you are ready to setup gift registry email notifications for your family and friends, select "Edit Registry Recipients List" within your gift registry.  In this section, you will enter all of the names and email addresses of the people you would like to receive an email notification for your gift registry.  For each person, enter the "Recipient Name" and "Recipient's Email".  Then click the "Update" box below.  Repeat this step for each email notification.

12.  You will notice that each email notification entry has a Status of "Pending" next to it.  To send the email(s) and change the status to a sent time/date, click on the box(es) next to any (or all) of the Recipients and click the "Send Email to Selected Recipients."  At this point, your baby gift registry emails will be automatically sent to the people you selected.  [Note: If you would like to test the email gift registry link, you can include your name and email in the Recipients List. 

13.  No worries if you forgot something.  You can revise and resend gift registry information and/or additional emails as often as you like.  

​Please feel free to contact us at support@greenmountaindiapers.com with any questions on this process!

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