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Cloth-eez Double Weave Muslin Swaddle (made of organic cotton)

Cloth-eez Double Weave Muslin Swaddle (made of organic cotton)
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Double weave gauze (muslin) X-Large diaper can be used as a toddler diaper, receiving blanket or swaddling blanket.

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Sold individually.

Size X-Large is about 39 x 39 inches before washing; about 36 x 36 inches after shrinkage.

Double weave gauze (muslin) X-Large diaper can be used as a toddler diaper, receiving blanket or swaddling blanket.

Unbleached organically grown double weave gauze diaper in size X-Large, which after washing is about 36x36 inches. This is one size larger than our size large birdseye flat diapers.  

The fabric is sometimes called muslin.   Ours are double weave which means that it is basically two layers of cloth woven together on the same loom at the same time to form one thicker layer. That's an oversimplification of the weaving process but you end up with one layer of thicker fabric than single weaving but it is still a one-layer fabric. Thicker means more absorbent yet since it is really still one layer, it has a nice, soft hand and washes and dries easily and quickly. After shrinkage it is about one square yard of fabric. It is finished on two ends only and the other two ends are self-finished edges called selvadge or selvedge edges, just like our birdseye flat diapers. No dyes! Simple, pure 100% cotton. The cotton was grown according to GOTS organic standards.

This fabric is same kind of fabric as our Cloth-eez Muslin Diapers but this is much bigger.   

gauze swaddle organic white   

In Europe these are called baby towels. We tend to think of towels as terry cloth so I don't want to call them that but they can be used after the bath to wrap baby. Receiving blankets come in many sizes. A common size for receiving blankets is 28x28 inches. These are larger at 36x36 inches. Swaddling blankets are usually about 47x47, so these are smaller than that (these are 36x36 after shrinkage, 39x39 before shrinkage). Our large birdseye diapers are about 31x31 and our small birdseye is about 28x28 inches. I swaddled my first baby with the 28x28 flannel receiving blankets and they worked fine but I do think a little larger size would have been better for swaddling. It can be used as a swaddle blanket but our intention is for diapering older babies, toddlers and preschoolers. We recommend fastening it with diaper pins. This nice fabric can have many other uses. Since it is plain without any prints or dyes, you know it will match everything now and far into the future when little baby prints aren't really ideal anymore for whatever purpose you find for it. Maybe we should call it a utility-fabric-square-yard-multi-use cloth item. Sold individually because you don't always need a pack of 4 of them. Also consider this as fabric for small home-sewing projects to make various diapers, doublers, wipes or other items. Made of unbleached organic cotton in Pakistan.

As a diaper, it ia a little bit more absorbent than a size XLarge toddler green edge prefold diaper!  Folded in half and then trifolded it is the same length as a size large brown edge prefold but it is thicker. It will fit in size large or XLarge diaper covers either trifolded or fastened.  There are many ways to fold it so it will fit any age toddler or child. This is a good option for toddlers or preschoolers for overnight diapering especially since it will wash cleanly very easily. 

No dyes or printing that can sometimes feel like paint on the fabric. Dye-free and soft throughout. Made in Pakistan.

 All pictures are shown after washing.

organic muslin swaddle


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Feb 5, 2016
I love this! It works as a blanket (more sturdy than the famous name muslin blankets, but not overly thick either), towel, nursing cover, etc. I will not be without one of these in my diaper bag at all times!
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Feb 5, 2016
Forget A&A, these organic cotton gauze flats are thick, durable (not worried about it falling apart in the washer), and super absorbent. Mine quilted up beautifully and dries very fast. If you're thinking of folding this to use as a diaper for your heavy-wetting infant you may want to think again, as it will be very bulky unless used on a toddler or child (stick with OS flats, hemp doublers and the like for smaller babes). That being said, they are the ultimate multipurpose cloth- big kid diaper, sun shade, swaddle, burp cloth, nursing cover, mess rag, play mat, diaper changing surface, bath towel, blankie. I've used it so much. I keep it in my car at all times because it is so multipurpose and useful, no need to bring everything with you.
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Tiffany Bayer
Feb 9, 2016
We are due for baby #7 in June and I have started to stock up. I ordered three of these to use as a receiving blanket. After one wash they all quilted up nicely. They are absolutely soft and I can't wait to try them out with the newborn. We have cloth diapered three babies so far as this material would be great as a flat as far as thickness. I agree with another review however that this size seems too bulky for use as a flat, but a smaller size would work great!
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Rachel Briones
Mar 30, 2016
I bought one of these to try out when they were on sale. At first I tried it as a diaper for my 28 pounds 10 month old. It was so incredibly huge on her and she is a BIG girl. So it didn't work out as a diaper for us. However, it is great for so many other things.

I really have no regrets with this purchase. I use it as a changing pad in case of accidents since is so absorbent and I use it for a light blanket as well. In our Texas heat you need lightweight blankets. Lol. It's so big we've used it as a sun shade for DD in the back of our truck. It covers the whole side window and part of the the back widow so she has coverage no matter where the sun is. I must say I've really come to love this "diaper".
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Mar 23, 2016
I ordered 2 of these to use as multi purpose blankets for my youngest but ended up using them as diapers on my 3yo 34lb toddler when a medical issue resulted in accidents. Origami folded and pinned they fit surprisingly well under a Blueberry cover and are more absorbent than a pad folded birdseye flat in the same cover. I like them so much that when my toddler no longer needed them I sacrificed one blanket to make doublers for my younger baby. This fabric is awesome!!
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