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Flip Potty Training Kit

Flip Potty Training Kit
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One-size fits most from about 20 pounds and up. Fit note from Karen: this fits best on average to rounder shapes. It might slide down on flat-bottomed, tall and thin shapes.

Each kit which includes 1 training pant with stretchy sides and 3 organic cotton pads

Of the trainers we carry, this is the most "diaper-like". It is a pull-down diaper cover. Place one of the absorbent pad inside which attaches inside with soft hook and loop fasteners. The kit comes with 3 pads. It has front rise snaps to adjust the rise. It fits well for older kids, too, up to 4T or about 50 pounds, depending on shape.

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This page is for the KIT. The Kit includes 1 training pant with stretchy sides and 3 organic cotton pads. You remove the pad and place a fresh pad inside through a few wet accident changes. The pad is held in place with soft hook and loop closures. Additional pads are sold separately Extra Trainer Pads here

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*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby.

U.S. Pat. 8,430,857. Canada Pat. 2,844,249. Other U.S. & International patents pending.

Made in USA of domestic and imported materials.

Additional pads are sold separately Extra Trainer Pads here.

The Shell Only is sold as a separately here.

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Oct 25, 2013
I use these for outings with my potty trained 2 year old. We are on the smallest rise setting and they fit very well. I like the trim fit and ease for the child. The pad sort of velcros in there and you just switch it out when it gets wet. I tried using these while we were training a few times and you can unsnap the sides if its soiled which is fantastic. But since its just a loose little pad there isn't much there so I always used 2 of the pads with that early on possible accidents training. I used mostly 100% organic cotton trainers without waterproofing just under wool during that time so it was less like a diaper unless we went out and then these are great. And if you don't use wool and your child is training I would say use these! Now even being trained I'm worried we will have a time when were somewhere like the highway and we will have an accident because holding it only lasts so long... But its not a diaper so its acceptable... That accident thankfully has yet to happen but I like to err on the side of caution so this is perfect. And its not noticeable under clothing. I think 1-2 of these and 6-12 pads is all you'll need.
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Jul 17, 2014
These did not fool my child. They do not look or feel like undies just weird diapers. If trainers need to hold what a diaper does just use the diapers.
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Feb 26, 2015
I've used these with two children and really didn't have much success with either of them. They really just don't fit any stage of potty training well.

These really aren't any different than a diaper when it comes to how they feel. They are just as water resistant, wick very well, and are nearly as absorbent. Usually, my kids didn't even notice when they had wet the pants until they were absolutely sopping.

During that first stage of learning, they have to notice those first few drips of urine. Otherwise, they can't get to the potty in time to correct the situation! So, these pants are useless for early learning.

They're just as bulky as the Flip diapers (so they don't fit well under toddler pants). The side panels make them very easy to slide on and off. Unfortunately, this means they often slide off when you don't want them to. My daughters were always hiking their pants up. Even on the tightest setting, the side panels just can't hold up the weight of the pants and insert. They stretch out of shape very quickly.

Because of these fit issues, the pants just aren't comfortable, especially under clothing. My third daughter cries when I pull them out.

While they're too absorbent for daytime learning, they're also not absorbent enough to use at nighttime. So, they don't even make good "occasional bed wetter" pants!

Changing out the pads during the day is a PITB. It's the *exact* process of changing a diaper (unsnap, un-stuff, re-stuff, place on child). For my kids, this led to an identical experience of having a diaper changed, except they weren't lying on a table. Not good when you're trying to impress upon them the idea that diapers are no longer acceptable.

Honestly, I had four of these, but I just can't seem to find a use for them that outweighs the negatives. Maybe long car rides when they're finally trained, but who wants to sit in these bricks while strapped into a car seat for a few hours?
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Jul 31, 2014
These do not even come close to fitting my almost three-year-old. He's very small, wearing clothing size 18-24 months, and weighing about 23lbs. However, I expected them to be a bit more adjustable than they are. He won't wear them because they are too loose. I will save them for our younger son who is a larger baby and, I think, will be a larger toddler.
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Jun 14, 2014
This is a good product, and I planned to use it with prefolds for early potty training, but it's too big for my small 2 yr old (23 lbs), so will have to get something else. Pretty sure she'll be potty trained before it fits, too!
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