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Econobum™ is a simple one-size adjustable diaper cover. It is nice and wide in the crotch so it fits over almost anything. There is nothing fancy about it but it does the job. It has an exposed laminate interior, with nylon reinforcement fabric behind the snaps snaps. The shape is more square than the Flip and other covers. It doesn't have the flap things inside like the Flip, but the waterproof fabric is the same type of high quality knit PUL (polyester with polyurethane laminate) that the Flip is made of. It feels thinner to me but thin is nice, too. It is exposed laminate so it doesn't retain odors. The binding is very soft and unlikely to leave red marks. Sometimes to you have try a few covers to see which ones work best for your baby. It does not have a gusset. For the money, this is an unbeatable value. Pair this with any size fitted diaper, flat or prefold for an economical diapering system. Like other one-size fits all covers, while it can work fine on newborns it is going to be roomy on a newborn yet still work. Some toddlers might outgrow it, probably in the width first, but it can fit over an XL Workhorse diaper. And also like all other one-size products, they may fit the whole time but the life of a cover is more like up to 1 year with a lot of variation depending on use and care so be realistic. Don't be put off by the low price. I think it is able to carry this wonderfully low price because it has been designed and engineered very wisely so that is more economical to sew and produce, yet it still is made of quality materials. The result is a top-value cover. This is not some imported knock-off, but is a simple yet quality cover with a warranty by the makers of Bum Genius products. 100% polyester with PUL. Made in USA.

econobum   econobum Size small Cloth-eez prefold in Econobum at smallest rise setting

Want to see your baby modelling this cover on this page? Send pictures to support@greenmountaindiapers.com.

white smallwhite medium econobumwhite econobum

econobum on a baby 4 months old 4 months old, 13 pounds, smallest rise setting shown over a trifolded Cloth-eez size small yellow edge organic prefold.

workhorse small  econobum cover 13 pounds 8 ounces 13 pounds 8 ounces, Econobum Cover over Workhorse diaper size small.

econobum built in gusset There is no separate piece of fabric at the leg opening. The leg opening is the built-in gusset style which is also called no gusset. This style simiilar to the Flip or the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. It is a simple yet effective design.

12 weeks 13 pounds over small snappied organic prefold 12 weeks, 13 pounds shown over a Snappi-Fastened Cloth-eez organic prefold in size small. Picture sent in by customer JGP. Thank you!

Note from Karen: Of all the PUL covers, I really like the hand of this cover. It has a nice "feel". It doesn't "grab" into my skin like some polyester outer fabrics do. It is more slick than most others, which I really like, especially if my skin is dry. I'm quite sensitive to (and picky about) various fabrics and I happen to really like this one. It almost feels more like a nylon fabric but not quite. It's quite thin and not bulky at all in my opinion. Somehow, I just enjoy the way it feels. I don't know if you'll like it for this reason since touch is a personal thing just like taste is personal, but I share my opinion anyhow. All PUL is not the same. For the price, you can't go wrong with this cover. It really could be a $14 or $15 cover and still be a good deal! It will fit. It feels nice. It's durable. It's not fancy but also there is something I do like about an old-fashioned pure white for a diaper cover. I do like the fun colors and prints at times, too, but white is still fun in it's own way. Enjoy!

 mirror econobumjolly yellow lime trimmoonmbeam econobum diaper covertwilighthummingbird trim Econobum sassy econobumwhite trim

Another thing that is really wonderful about this cover is that it is made in the USA.

econobumblueback 5 months old, 14.5 pounds. Great coverage in the back.

One-size fits most. Better at 12+ pounds.

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