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Diaper Doublers - for extra absorbency. Diaper liners for stay-dry.


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Cloth-eez® Doubler
(7 reviews)  

8-Ply cotton diaper doublers made from prefold diaper fabric. Made in Pakistan

Our price: $1.50
Hemp Doublers
(17 reviews)  

Hemp/cotton doublers provide additional absorbency. Made in USA.

Our price: $2.95
Sherpa Doublers and Inserts
(7 reviews)  

Cotton sherpa doublers and inserts

Our price: $2.10
Stay-Dry Doublers
(15 reviews)  
Stay-Dry-doublers and Night Stay-Dry Doublers add absorbency and keep baby dry. Made in USA.

Our price: $3.95
Malden Mills Fleece Stay-Dry Liners
(19 reviews)  

One layer of virgin "Malden Mills" 200 weight polar fleece with a finished edge. Made in USA.

Our price: $1.65
Bummis Bio-Soft Liners (disposable liners) - size small
(3 reviews)  

Bummis Bio-soft Liners are disposable/flushable diaper liners to make cleanup easy for newborn meconium.

Our price: $6.50
Mommys Touch Fleece Liner 6-packs
(0 reviews)  

Mommys Touch Stay-Dry Fleece Liners in packages of 6

Our price: $5.00
Babee Greens Wool Diaper Liner
(7 reviews)  
Babee Greens Wool Diaper Liner. Made in USA.

Our price: $7.00
Disana Silk Liners
(1 reviews)  
Disana Silk Liners are helpful for healing rash. Sold in packages of 3.

Our price: $21.95
Cloth-eez® Prefold Diapers
(120 reviews)  

Cloth-eez® Prefolds. Choose white, unbleached or made of organically grown cotton. 4-8-4 ply layering. Made in Pakistan.

Our price: $25.00
Flip Organic Daytime Insert 3-pack
(0 reviews)  
Flip Organic Daytime Insert 3-pack

Our price: $21.95
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