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Cloth-eez Doubler-Insert

Cloth-eez Doubler-Insert
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Size Small blue edge $1.20 each for individually

Size Large red edge $1.35 each for individually

Size Large red edge $14.58 pack of 12 (save 10% when buying in dozens)

Size Small blue edge $12.96 pack of 12 (save 10% when buying in dozens)


Size Small blue edge after shrinkage they measure about 11.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.

Size Large red edge after shrinkage they measure about 15.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.

Measure the size of what you want to replace and see if this works for you.

A 6-ply doubler-insert to layer into a pocket diaper to replace microfiber inserts. These are 6-ply. That means six layers of cotton prefold fabric, which is 2 layers less than our other doublers, however they are wider. One is NOT enough in a pocket diaper. Layer 2 or 3 of these in the pocket to get the absorbency you want. We chose to make these 6-ply because they dry very fast, wash cleanly very easily, and allow for customized absorbency needs. Want it trim? Use 2. That is 12 layers. Need more absorbency? Use 3 of them in there, or maybe even 4 if needed. Choose your bulk-level; choose your correct absorbency for your needs. The big benefit of these is how easily they come clean in the wash. Say goodbye to stinky microfiber.  Use them for dusting instead.  The skin on your hands will be happier too when you stop touching the microfiber inserts. Cotton feels so much nicer.

Should you decide to move away from synthetic pocket diapering and switch over to 100% cotton diapering, you don't need to purchase any doublers because you already have these on hand.

The same lovely prefold fabric as our beloved Cloth-eez® prefolds. These are wider than our regular Cloth-eez doubler for a better fit when stuffing synthetic pocket diapers. They are quilty just like prefolds are so they come out of the dryer curly and need to be flattened out by hand a bit. This is the nature of the twill prefold fabric. These are also suitable as doublers for extra absorbency in any style diaper. Chlorine-free white 100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

  replace microfiber compare inserts to prefold diaper Stacking 3 large red edge doubler-inserts is similar to using one medium red edge prefold diaper. So if a medium prefold is too much bulk for your pocket diaper, try using just 2 of these doubler-inserts for a trimmer fit. Stack them together, grab both ends together and place it into the pocket all at once, as if it were one item, at the same time. Stuffing two is not very different than stuffing one because it is still one stuffing motion. 12 layers would be too thick to wash and dry so using two 6 layer inserts together in the pocket really does makes sense. Need more for nap or night? Use 3 at the same time.

Prefold fabric is a quilty fabric. If you like this idea but prefer a fabric that lays flatter, try our Sherpa Inserts in yellow edge for small and green edge for large.

What is the difference between a doubler and and insert? The width and the layering are a little different but they very similar.   You can use these as doublers. Inserts are a little bit wider than doublers and the width is needed to fill up the space in the pocket. These are 6 ply.

There are many choices for absorbency but something that is 100% cotton will always wash up more easily than any other absorbency fabric.

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Aug 3, 2015
I purchased ten of these, thinking I would double them and use in place of microfiber inserts. While the small blue edge are too short for that, I used them as a doubler, and when I ran out of disposable liners, I used these in its place. I use these exclusively as a diaper liners now, and they work wonderfully for the toddler. It doesn't curl as much as I expected it to (if at all) and I love not having to throw it away!
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Oct 16, 2014
I like this insert! This was my cheap fix idea for a size 1 Thirsties AIO diaper that still fit my baby, but didn't have enough absorbancy to make it past one hour OTB. The 6-ply is enough extra that I got an additional hour (and maybe more, but I was getting nervous of leaks!). But at the same time, it's not bulky, so it fit the small pocket space without bulking up so much I couldn't get it snapped on.
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Apr 29, 2017
I bought these for a couple pockets that I have with no inserts. I love that they can be layered as needed but are thin enough to dry quickly. 2 don't last me very long though so I think I'll try pairing these with one of the hemp doublers.
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