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Disana Merino Wool Leggings

Disana Merino Wool Leggings
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50-56 size newborn, tag says 0-3 months

62-68 size small, tag says 3-6 months

74-80 size medium tag says 6-12 months

86-92 size large, tag says 12-24 months

98-104 size 2T-3T

110-116 size 4T-5T

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Disana leggins on 6 month old babySee Disana Leggings on a baby.

These run big. You can roll up the legs easily though.

Beautiful Disana wool in a leggings style. Great pajama bottoms, or pants, or under a dress. Suitable for a boy or a girl. It's not really enough wool to be a diaper cover unless you change very frequently so we say it can be used as a "light" diaper cover, which means change with each wetting. When used over your nighttime setup, either over your cotton and wool cover or over your cotton and regular cover, it makes the difference. It is single layer. Good over your other covers as pants, for assurance of a dry bed. Soft, stretchy and comfy. Hidden elastic in the waistband. Lovely knit wool of the highest pure standards. Very soft and not at all itchy. It's a great pair of pants! And unlike the overly tight cotton pajamas, these have a lot of give to them because they are knit so they are comfy. They are cool. The knit is fairly open. Great summer-weight wool. If you are looking for more warmth, you could use two pairs or use these under something else. It fits and works great with cloth diapers! Use it over and over again without washing, so you probably only need to buy one. Excellent pants for an easy fit over a cloth diapered bottom and no wicking. If you ever have damp bindings on your diaper covers, that is ok when you have wool over it for no wicking issues. I love natural fibers and I don't use polyester clothing on my baby or myself at night. I know I sleep better in natural fibers and I think baby does too. I love these even better than cotton pj's because they are wool and don't wick. Don't forget your wool care products. It is normal and expected for the very fine merino wool to pill with use because it is very soft wool. Once you experience natural wool on your baby, you'll just love it, and wish they made them in your size. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Made in Germany.

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Mrs. Martovich
Nov 6, 2013
I absolutely love these wool leggings- they are perfect as an overnight outer layer, an inner layer under overalls and cute on their own as well. They are so soft and cozy; I could dress my little one in these exclusively. Will buy more.
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Nov 10, 2013
If you are reluctant to try wool, I suggest these to be your first wool purchase. Put these on over your usual nighttime diapering system, and you will not have leaks! If you like having the dry bed, move on to the Disana soaker next. I love how soft and versatile these leggings are! Great for the car, used as pants, pajamas, long johns, under snow pants... you can go on and on! The way they are made, if little on the long side (which they do run long) roll up, and it's still cute! I LOVE these!
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Apr 29, 2015
I thought I'd love these– got two of them, but they make my lil baby look like a fat grandpa. Just not flattering– but seems like other people don't mind that look.
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Oct 27, 2013
We love these for our kids. They fit over everything and they're soft and warm. They also still fit without a diaper under which is great for kids who train. They work very well over a baby's diaper during the day or as extra coverage over a wool cover over a diaper at night. Feel free to size up the legs cuff very well
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Jennifer Sandoval
Dec 24, 2013
I agree with the other mom on here: If you're looking for your 1st wool purchase, let it be these leggings! I've been partial to sbish because of what the company has done for our family, but they are very expensive. Our family has struggled greatly having a 3 month premature son. Sitting in an incubator, enduring countless meds caused him to get rashes and yeast infections easily. We switched him to cloth and all his problems cleared up! He developed red marks and irritation from plastic covers and wicking, so we were turned on to wool covers. We started with the Disana soakers and moved on up to sbish's whole line. I found these while perusing this site and I've never gone back to sbish for my son's leggings! These are incredible! We use either a Workhorse fitted or an sbish OBF on our 9lb butterball for overnight. Currently, I throw some wool liners in these leggings (all my wool is fully lanolized, of course) along with my son's fitteds and he's set for a leak-free night! These have plenty room for growth as they stretch nicely. They are long in the legs which is great as our kids grow like weeds. I just roll the cuffs for now and unroll as he grows. We've bought 2 pairs of the small for when he grows. Right now, he's still in his xs with plenty room to grow! I can guarantee you he'll be in these from now until he outgrows the sizes that are offered. They're warm AND cool all at once! We use these as long johns during the day under his regular pants, as a lounge pant for home, a pajama pant for night, and even as his regular clothes with a simple t-shirt thrown on. By the way, our son was voted "Best Dressed" and "Cutest Bum" here in the nicu. I swear, I won't steer you wrong!
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