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Cloth-eez Medium Diaper Pail Liner

Cloth-eez Medium Diaper Pail Liner
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The Cloth-eez Medium Diaper Pail Liner is made for us in the USA by Mommy's Touch. It is shorter than a full size pail liner and it has a drawstring opening.

The Medium Pail Liner's top opening is 49 inches in circumference, and it is 25 inches tall. But the height measurement is deceiving because pails are 3 dimensional and the height measurements are 2 dimensional. The tallest pail this can fit is a 19 inch tall pail, but it is best at 16-18.5 inches tall.

This size works if your pail comes up to just above your knees. Any pail that is thigh-high needs Thirsties, Blueberry, Kissas or Gro-Via full size kitchen 13 gallon garbage can size.

We formerly called this size "small" but there have been other products and sizes added to our product line so the name small is just not correct anymore because this is so much bigger than anything called small. We have renamed this same item "medium" for better clarification. This is not a tiny pail liner. It is generously sized and wide enough to fit many kinds of pails. it holds up to about 26 diapers. A typical laundry load for an average-sized machine is about 20 diapers as pictured below.

liner with 20 diapers shown with 20 diapers inside. It is roomy.

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Caitlin Kelleher
Jan 19, 2016
We chose these because we like the Cloth-eez diapers, but haven't had good luck with these. We started with 3. The stitching on the first one came out within 2 months. The second lasted a month or two longer. The third one is still going strong after a little more than a year of use. We wash them with our diapers and air dry them. I don't think they are being abused, but they haven't held up well.
Response from GMD: Stitching issues are not common. They are covered under warranty. Use the Contact Us link to let us know of any issues and we are happy to take care of it.
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May 15, 2014
These things are really durable! Had mine over two years, and they look new still. Can't say enough good things about these.
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