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Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers
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$15 to $49 per dozen, depending on options (see table below). Please visit the Detailed Information link to learn more.

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gmd prefolds unbleached prefolds



White or Unbleached


Made Of Organic

Approx. Weight / Age Before Washing Measurements, inches.
Approx width by length after washing, inches
Preemie (small preemie)


2-6-2 ply

$13/dozen $15/dozen premature or as doublers 11x11.5 9.5x10
Newbie (large preemie)


2-6-2 ply

$18/dozen $20/dozen premature or newborn 12.5x13.5 11x11


4-8-4 ply

$25/dozen $28/dozen 6-10 lbs, 0-6 weeks 12x13 11x11

light green

4-6-4 ply



9-15 lbs, birth to 5 months 14.5x15.5 12.5x13.5


4-8-4 ply



10-15 lbs, 6 weeks to 5 months 14.25x15.25 12.5x13.5


4-6-4 ply

$35/dozen $37/dozen 13-25 lbs, 4-20 months 16.25x17.5 14.5x15


4-8-4 ply

$37/dozen $39/dozen 14-29 lbs, 4-20 months 15x18 13x15.5


4-8-4 ply

$40/dozen $45/dozen 20-35 lbs, 9-36 months 16.5x20 15x18
X-Large green 4-8-4 ply $45/dozen $49/dozen 28-40 lbs


Sizes shown AFTER FULL SHRINKAGE are approximate. Please be sure to go to details button to learn more and pick your correct size. Sizes overlap and are approximate.

prefold diapers on babies

Cloth-eez® Prefolds actually fit. A diaper that fits works best. One-size-fits-all really doesn't "fit all". Does a diaper that fits a 2 year old really fit your newborn? Nope. The right size for the right age and weight works best! Diapers that fit are diapers you will use. These are the "top of the pile" diapers that you will reach for first. Well-loved. In the sizes that fit your baby. Measurements listed are approximate and shrinkage will vary which is normal for this kind of fabric. Edge color/tone will vary. Be sure to look at the pictures on babies.

Affectionately known as "GMD Prefolds". These are hard-to-find, top quality, heavyweight 100 % cotton twill diapers.  These are the real thing, and so very well made.  They are far superior to the store bought kind, and will stand up to repeated washings. Don’t overlook this very economical way to diaper!  It works very well. Plus, they wash and dry very easily and never get that "icky polyester stink". It’s very easy to pin these diapers on babies who don’t yet roll over. But you don't have to pin them.  You can just fold the diaper in thirds and place it in a wrap style cover.  You will not be disappointed in these wonderful, versatile diapers. There are many brands of prefolds on the market, but we feel these are the very best fabric, 100% Indian cotton, 4-8-4 ply, with the strongest edge stitching available, and custom sized for prefold perfection. These diapers from our manufacturer overseas are exclusive to GMD and are not available anywhere else, and are not marketed under any other brand name but Cloth-eez®. Choose white, unbleached, or made of organically grown unbleached. You will find the "prefold love" with Cloth-eez® prefolds. Diapering with prefolds that fit really is easy. 100% cotton exclusive of trim. Made in Pakistan.

Learn how to use prefolds. Step-by-step pictures, detailed information and see many pictures of these on babies.

One FREE pair of pins per order is available with purchase of this item when you add the pins to your cart through this Link only.

Please wash several times before first use. The white version needs a few cycles before first use. The unbleached and organic (which is also unbleached cotton) versions need quite a few preparation cycles to wash off the natural cotton oils before full absorbency is reached. This "prepping" (4 or more wash cycles) is a one-time thing. Link to more washing information.

Please note that you can use any mainstream laundry detergent on cotton diapers. You do not need to purchase "special for cloth diapers" detergents. We do not sell them and they are not needed on prefolds or Workhorse diapers.  Keep it simple. Use what you would normally use on your regular household laundry. Yes, Tide is ok or whatever you happen to like.

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Oct 29, 2013
This is my first time using prefolds, coming from years of using pocket diapers. I often ask myself, "Why didn't I use these sooner?" and "Were have you prefolds been all my life?" I wasted so much time trying to get the stink out of my microfiber. Let me just say that these prefolds wash AMAZINGLY!! Infant messes, pssh! Please. Washes clean. Toddler pee/poop, no problem! Squeaky clean without a trace of ammonia or stinky stank. If there's a stain, put them out in the sun for 30 minutes. Poof! Gone, like magic! Can you tell I'm excited about my newfound discover of prefolds?? We used the newborn size on our 9+ pound newborn. Perfect fit, but it only lasted two weeks. Don't regret it at all. Only purchased a dozen of them at $24 and I would have spent much more in newborn disposables, so I'm happy. And they were fun to use, believe it or not. Loved them paired with Thirsties size 1 cover. Now we're using size small and love them. I used size small in my toddler's pocket diapers while I was waiting for our newest addition to arrive. Just trifolded and stuffed them in. My 13+ pound newborn is already nearing the end of the size small range, but we'll be sizing up soon. The beauty of it is that I can stuff my pockets or line covers with size small. It's a great size for a very broad range of diapers. I love these prefolds... and I also love the workhorse fitteds. You rock, Green Mountain Diapers!!!
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Nov 6, 2013
I was reluctant to go with the unbleached diapers, because I like the look of white, and didn't want them to look grimy. Having purchased both kinds from GMD, I definitely prefer the unbleached. They are just a little more soft and pliable. They look natural, not grimy. Unfortunately, I could not get the size large (brown edge) to fit under a medium thirsties wrap (from 7/2013) on my daughter. It was so bulky at the back (or front) where it was folded down, that it looked ridiculous. Even tri-folded the other way, my 26 lb, 12 month daughter could undo the velcro by just sitting down.
I discovered the medium wider size diapers, and love them. They fit perfectly trifolded into thirstie medium, capri large, bummis superbrite medium and large, and fuzzibunz pocket M and L without folding down. I can just barely snappi them on, but there is not a lot of overlap to protect her from the snappi teeth, so usually we just trifold them. (She has a large waist!!) If you want a high quality prefold without all the folding, these are the diapers for you! Even my husband can use them!
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Nov 5, 2013
Other than a couple all in one diapers I have gotten free with diaper cover purchases, these are the only diapers I have used for my 2 children. I got 24 each newborn, small, and medium when my daughter was born and this is enough when washing every 2-3 days. They do wash up better and hold up better than the microfiber inserts that came with my all in ones. The newborn and small still look new. The medium was used with my daughter from about 9 months until potty training at 21 months and with my son from about 7 or 8 months through current (he is just about 17 months now) and are starting so show wear at this point (some fraying and thinning), but still seem plenty absorbent. May need to buy more of this size for the next one, but great value and not bad given they are washed about 3 times a week for almost 2 years. My kids are thin, so unless my son is a late trainer, this size may be large enough for him until toilet training as well.
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Oct 28, 2013
I have the organic in 4 different sizes - yellow, red, brown, and green (used as my favorite changing pad). The sizes have worked great - Karen's chart about sizes by weight has been accurate and helped me order the correct sizes for my big baby. Washes easily, super absorbent (no leaks), and they still look brand new. My baby's bottom always stayed cooler in cotton than any other material or disposables; I live in the tropics so staying cool is important. I Snappi or pinned it under wool soakers or Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Pants. 24 in each size was enough with washing every 2 days. (I had some hand-me-down pre-folds that I very rarely had to get into. If I didn't have them, I would have ordered some seconds as my emergency stash.) Cloth-eez Prefold Diapers make cloth diapering easy & so fun for me!
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Oct 26, 2013
I bought these to use as liners for my pocket diapers when I finally realized I could use prefolds to stuff and ditch the problem-prone microfiber! These are great. They are very absorbent and good quality. They wash up great every time and keep getting fluffier as I go.
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