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Cloth-eez Baby Wipes Sampler

Cloth-eez Baby Wipes Sampler
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Not sure which wipes you will love? Try this sampler pack of 6 wipes containing:

1 Cloth-eez Two-Sided Wipes

1 Cloth-eez Velour Terry Wipes

1 Cloth-eez Cotton Terry Baby Washcloths

1 Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes made of organic cotton

1 Cloth-eez Birdseye Wipes Large White

1 Cloth-eez Simple Muslin Baby Wipes

wipes sampler

100% cotton. Made in Pakistan.

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Apr 29, 2017
This is a must-buy in my opinion. It's hard to know in advance which type of cloth wipe you will prefer. That's why a sample pack such as this is the perfect choice. I wish I had bought this first because the one that ended up being my favorite was not the one I thought it would be. Now that I've tried them all, I have a much better idea what wipes I will be buying in the future. I also love that none of these wipes have any prints or designs on them. A stack of clean and simple fabric is much more attractive than a pile of mismatched prints, colors, and designs.
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Megan W
Apr 29, 2017
I cannot say how glad I am that I tried the sampler pack before buying a stash of cloth wipes. Based on others recommendations I thought I knew what ones I'd like and which to get, but I decided to be cautious and try the sampler pack first. That was definitely the right move! Not only was I surprised how much I liked certain ones, I found that I really disliked the types that I thought would be my favorites. That would have been so much wasted money on wipes I would have hated! If you're thinking about trying cloth wipes, get the sampler pack first! You won't regret it.
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