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The Capri diaper covers are simple, reusable and waterproof with true leg gussets and adjustable snaps that allow them to grow with your baby. Pair the Capri covers with their absorbent Capri cotton inserts (not available at GMD), cotton pre-folds, fitteds, or even biodegradable inserts for a complete diapering solution. The Capri covers feature "stay-put" flaps that insure your insert stays in place.

capri cover night owls 3 months Night owls on 3 month old

4 weeks old in Capri  size 1 diaper cover size 1 Capri snaps in owls print on a 4 week old 9.5 pound baby on the medium rise setting shown over a trifolded (pad folded) Cloth-eez size newborn orange edge prefold in Size 1.

11 pounds in blueberry capri size 1 11 pounds over a trifolded size small Cloth-eez yellow edge prefold in Size 1.

13 pounds mini coveralls side view capri 13 pounds over a trifolded size small yellow edge prefold in Size 1 Capri Cover

red on baby 15 pounds in size 2 Capri. The cover is still very roomy but it works great without leaking on this big 4 month old who is growing quickly.

tucked For size 1 covers we recommend newborn orange edge prefolds, or Workhorse newborn or small, or GMD Infant Fitted diapers. The size small yellow edge prefold does make it into a size 1 and also fits on the smallest setting of the size 2.

     Size 2 cover shown with size small prefold

   Size 2 cover fit size small, intermediate, medium or large prefolds. Toddler size is really too big for these covers, and a large brown edge just makes in there but it does make it.

capri diaper cover size 2 size 2 on 5.5 month old, 14.5 pounds. This medium rise setting fits over the Intermediate size Cloth-eez prefold nicely.

The cover is designed for tucking a diaper under the front and back flap. This is nice to help hold a trifolded diaper in place and it also keeps the PUL away from baby since the knit fabric touches baby instead in the flap area. But just because it has flaps doesn't mean you have to use them. You can still use this over fitted diapers or fastened prefolds. The prints are really adorable. 100% polyester. These are high quality covers and are made in USA.

tweets capri cover on baby 7 months, size 2, lots and lots of growing room.


  Weight Range: Size Newborn, also called SIZE 1: 6-16 lbs , SIZE 2: 12-35 lbs     Waist: SIZE 1: 11-19 inches , SIZE 2: 15-23 inches     Thighs: SIZE 1: 3.5-10 inches , SIZE 2: 6-13.5 inches    Rise: SIZE 1: 12.5-15 inches , SIZE 2: 15-19 inches

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For more pictures on babies, see the Blueberry Mini-Coverall. The Mini-Coverall is the same cover as the Capri Size 1 (Newborn) but it doesn't have the inner tuck flaps that the Capri has. But for the pictures, they look the same. Link to Mini-Coveralls.

Likewise, the Blueberry Coverall is the same cover as the Capri Size 2 (One-Size) but the Coverall doesn't have the inner tuck flaps that the Capri has. Link to Coveralls.

I think they run smaller. Size Newborn is a nice adjustable newborn cover and may get outgrown at around 13 or 14 pounds

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