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Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Cover

Bummis The Pull-On Diaper Cover
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Newborn Up to 10 pounds
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Large 22 to 32   pounds
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The binding is the soft non-marking lycra binding.  This pull-on has all of the great things I love about this cover. Easy and very comfortable for baby. Nothing binding or tight on baby anywhere. Fits over everything, prefolds or fitted diapers, but note that prefold diapers must be fastened under pull-on style covers. They are so thin and lightweight they "smash down" nicely under clothing, thus are even thinner than many other options. Back when everyone used cloth diapers, this is the kind of thing everyone used. It's easier than you might think to use a pull-on. In some ways it's easier than fastening a cover, because you can't do it wrong. There is the drawback of pulling it down if there is a poop in there, but if the diaper underneath is doing it's job well, it's not bad. So like every diapering choice, there are tradeoffs. I think pull-on style covers allow maximum comfort and freedom of movement for baby. Sometimes people who are reluctant to try wool for nighttime (in spite of my, umm, strong encouragement to try wool for night) find this a great answer for night. Or you can use this for double-covering by putting it over your non-wool nighttime system for an extra layer of protection. XL is great over training pants at potty learning time. A very low price so it can be nice to have one on hand as a spare cover just in case, or to keep in the car or diaper bag as a back-up cover. Try it with Snug-to-Fit or Workhorse diapers for a comfortable and economical diapering system. Made in Canada.

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Jan 12, 2014
We have more of these than any other cover. They are simple to use and a little more difficult for my son to get off. We actually use them at night becuase they seem the most comfy for him. We use them over a WH with a doubler or 2 and have never had an issue. Hubby loves them, sitter can figure them out, super sleep deprived mama proof and cheap. We have had some PUL seperation in a few, but I wash them with the diapers and they still work pretty well even with seperated PUL.
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Nov 19, 2013
I like that these covers are quick and easy to put on. They never leave marks on his legs and look comfortable. However, I find that the snappi doesn't always stay tightly secured when I use this cover (maybe I'm not putting it on correctly?!). I always keep one of these covers in my diaper bag, but overall I prefer a more fitted style cover.
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Apr 20, 2015
I absolutely love this cover! It's perfect for my little one who has a chubby belly, no snaps or velcro squeezing him with this set up. We use it over flats with a doubler at bedtime. I can't wait to try it over fitteds. My little one is 15 months, 25 lbs and in size large. I wish I would have discovered these much sooner and will definitely be trying these during the little baby phase with my next child.
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Nov 30, 2013
I've been taking care of my grandson while his mom works since he was two months old. At first my daughter wanted me to use diaper covers with inserts. My fingers must not be as strong or nibble as when I was young; all those snaps were very difficult. I found these, ordered some prefolds and diaper pins (couldn't get those snappi's to work either!) and have been a happy grandma. These are definitely an improvement over the plastic pants that I used with my children.
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Oct 28, 2013
These were the first covers I purchased after I got rid of those awful and smelly Charlie Banana pocket diapers. I was so tired of snapping diaper covers and these were awesome. I came back to the sight and ordered more prefolds and I now have every color.
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