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Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Covers
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Newborn 7  to 10  pounds

Small 8.5 to 15 pounds

Medium 15 to 30  pounds (size medium only has rise snaps)

Large 30 to 40  pounds

XLarge 40+  pounds (in White and Circus print only)

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 Size medium only has rise snaps

Bummis is pronounced "Bum Ease", as in easy on the baby's bum (bottom).  It's a durable wrap style cover. Generously cut to fit over nearly any kind of diaper pinned, unpinned or fitteds. Great over Workhorse diapers. It has a very versatile fit which is great on just about any shape of baby; thin, average or chubby. Runs true to size, except wide babies will outgrow the medium before 30 pounds, narrow babies might fit medium all the way to 30 pounds, so consider that in your size choice if baby is over about 22 pounds. It's three layers- a waterproof laminate between two layers of polyester knit. That means no laminate touches baby on the inside because it's hidden between the two layers of knit. This polyester knit inside fabric will get a bit damp when the diaper is saturated, so you need a fresh cover a bit more than you do with an exposed laminate cover, but you can still re-use the same cover through several changes. If you don't want any plastic inside touching baby but you do want a machine washable cover, then this is a great choice! It is very durable. Another advantage of this covered, non-exposed waterproofing fabric style is that since it has the knit polyester is inside, the inside is not slippery. That means that the trifolded prefold doesn't slip around inside, because the inside is no slippery! It's a little easier to lay the prefold in there and have it stay put because it's not slippery inside. This is one of the very few true-size covers available. This cover is terrific because it fits nearly every baby very well and is very durable.


Bummis items are manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed to be free of lead, pthalate and BPA. Bummis has been around for a very long time and is an honored, tried, true and trusted brand with a great warranty. Made in Canada.

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Nov 15, 2013
I used the NB size on my son, and it was great over many diaper styles. It fit well, and the Velcro didn't scratch him at all. It did get a little tight around his legs as he reached the upper weight limit. The Velcro is very sturdy, which makes it a little bit loud for diapering when he was sleeping. I thought being a whisper wrap meant quiet Velcro... I think it must be named whisper for some other reason. :)
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Apr 22, 2015
I bought these for the newborn stage and I'm really disappointed because everything I read said they were a great fit for newborns. I have a tall skinny baby and these are huge and bulky and we couldn't get a good seal.
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May 14, 2014
I really wanted to use these covers as I did with my last 2 kids but it doesn't work for us this time. Yes they keep leaks away but the Velcro tabs are just so harsh. Very sharp around the edges. The tabs rub his belly and leave marks. Not sure what the difference is because he is big like the last ones. 2 months now and 14 lbs. the other kids only used bummis in size large and xl. So maybe my issue is just with size small. But it wasn't great at either end of the weight range. Such a shame because these are well made covers and the Velcro gives an adjustable fit, but I would have to choose snaps should I ever buy this again. At least until they change their tabs to something softer.
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Oct 26, 2013
This is truly a well made cover. We used it for about a year straight with our son and it still looks great and holds up well. I like that it is more roomy than the super brite, so it fits over our fitteds and fastened prefolds/flats. It is a bit stiff in the leg elastic and because it is not a wipe clean surface inside it does tend to retain odor (like if used over night). It's durable and simple and will probably last us a long time.
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Apr 1, 2014
New to cloth diapering, wanted to try a velcro so bought this and a flip snap another brand, not going to continue to use this one as it chafes sweet baby in various ways: where the Velcro wash tab is inside, and waist/rear. Bummis had a cute design, but for comfort was a bummer for me.
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