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Bummis Super Brite Newborn Diaper Covers

Bummis Super Brite Newborn Diaper Covers
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Newborn 4  to 9  pounds

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This cover is for brand-new babies only. It is a wonderful newborn diaper cover over newborn prefold diapers. It has gussets and no inner polyester layer. The PUL (waterproofing) is exposed on the inside for a more slick, "wipe-clean" surface. This is a thin cover, since the laminate is exposed. It is a true-size cover (not adustable - no rise snaps) made specifically for newborn babies. Some people do use it over fitted diapers, but expect to tuck the fitted into the cover. We prefer this over prefolds. See this on a baby.

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Bummis items are manufactured in North America and all materials are guaranteed to be free of lead, pthalate and BPA. Bummis has been around for a very long time and is an honored, tried, true and trusted brand with a great warranty. Made in Canada.

Formerly made in all sizes, now only made in size newborn.

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Katherine Demarest
Jun 18, 2014
I have only used this cover in size newborn and it worked really well. Adding a review to help others with sizing. I think I'd have skipped this one if I'd understood how very tiny it really is. My second baby was bigger than I thought she'd be (8lb6oz and a fast grower). This fit really well in the first week, and I kept using it with trifolded newborn prefolds up to 10 lbs or so. That was only 3 weeks. Also the rise is quite short. My babies have both been long, 21.5 or 22 inches, and this cover would be much better on an 18-20 inch or shorter baby. Excellent cover for a teeny one, skip it any baby over 8 lb and 20 inches I think.
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Cinnamon Tea
Nov 22, 2013
Bought these for my 22 pound 5 month old and got a size large. They scratch his belly. They fit nice on his legs though. I like them, cute prints. I think I like the cheaper brand better though. I like the double gussets. Np problem with leaks.
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Amber Thompson
Nov 1, 2013
The quality of this cover is nice. I just really hated the velcro. It is very harsh/scratchy. It was especially terrible in the newborn size- left scratches on his legs. For some reason it didn't seem to go so far out-close to the legs- on the larger sizes. Maybe they should make the wings a bit longer on the newborn size and it would remedy the problem. (or offer snaps) Still a really nice cover.
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Erin Carpenter
Feb 25, 2014
These were my favorite NB cover. My DD ended up being 7 lbs 2.2 oz at birth, dipping into the 6 range on the next day. These fit great and we had no issues with the cord. We used the Bummis prefolds at the time, and had no leaks with runny NB EBF poo or meconium. We preferred these to the Super Whisper Wrap, which seemed a lot stiffer to me. I intend to repurchase these covers in the future if we should have another child.
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Nov 15, 2013
3 stars because there aren't bad covers, but they aren't my favorite. Size small just isn't perfect on my baby. The Velcro scratches his belly, so I have to fold the top over, then close so that we don't get scratches. It also seems to be pretty large. He outgrew the NB Bummis whisper wrap, but the SM in this one is just big. It does wrap nicely at the leg, so it does work, but I hate having to fold it down on top, then still have extra fabric in the crotch area. It can be wiped between pees, but the front flap fabric still gets wet, so sometimes they can't be reused between washes, which is why I wanted this cover in the first place.
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