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Bummis Biodegradable Cloth Diaper Liners (corn starch disposable liners)

Bummis Biodegradable Cloth Diaper Liners (corn starch disposable liners)
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$6.50 100 sheets per roll

Each sheet measures 5.5 x 12 inches.

Made of PLA (polylactic acid) made from 100% Maize starch (corn starch). The are soft! These biodegradable liners may be able to be flushed depending on your system. Liners are not necessary in cloth diapers, but many cloth diaper users do find that they make cleanup easier. Use in any kind of diaper. Simply flush the liner if flushing of liners made of corn starch is approved for your system. If not, toss in the garbage. Just like you should not flush tissues when you have a septic system, we believe that no liners on the market today, not even these, should be flushed into a septic system (yes, we know this is opinion is contrary to what several manufacturers suggest, check with your local septic service to learn more - but that said, if you must flush, these do degrade faster than some other brands since they are made of corn starch). Even if you have a septic system at home, you many want to use liners to make clean up easy in public restrooms when you go out. Bummis liners are softer than some kinds so they scrunch side to side more inside the diaper more than stiffer brands. As with all diapering choices, there are tradeoffs.  Since these biodegrade more easily,  they are truly 1 use so don't put them in the washing machine. Discard peed on liners in the garbage and flush only the pooped-on ones. Even though they are made of corn starch and will biodegrade, we still do not recommend flushing any liners in a septic system. You are responsible for your own septic system. These are not rayon like other brands. We formerly sold Bummis Bio-soft liners made from chlorine-free viscose rayon but now we only sell this version of the Bummis liners because the corn starch seems to biodegrade more quickly. Of course, don't use these if you have an allergy to corn. Made in China for Bummis.

Unscented. No rayon, no viscose, no bamboo, no paper.

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flushable diaper liners out of package Leave the outer packaging on (which I did not do in this picture) and just make a hole in the top to pull them up like tissues at first and tear off at the perforation. After a some have been used you may want to remove the packaging and tear off a sheet from the outside of the roll.  Or just remove the packaging and tear off a sheet as needed from the start.  The pulling up from the middle is just an idea.

Note from Karen: These do provide somewhat of a stay-dry feeling. It is possible for any brand of flushable liners to cause a leak in the same way that stay-dry liners or stay-dry diapers can cause leaks. How you use them matters for leak prevention. The fit of the diaper matters. Anything with stay-dry properties resists fluid a bit. This is what is meant by a stay-dry property. It keeps moisture away by resisting moisture. So, make sure that the pee gets through any stay-dry layer, keep the liner right next to baby. If the diaper sags far away from baby's bottom, then the pee might splash down on the surface of the liner and not go through the fabric quickly enough and it could roll off and possibly leak out.  Cotton absorbs immediately so it doesn't have this issue. Just keep the diaper fitting baby properly and the pee will go through this liner and it will be fine. This is just something to be aware of so you can avoid a leak. I hope this helps. This applies to ALL brands and kinds of disposable liners.

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Oct 27, 2013
We use these for inside newborn diapers to prevent stains, when out and about so nothing needs to be rinsed out when we get home, when use them to protect diapers from anything we don't want to get on them and if the kids are ill. I don't really see much of a reason to use these all the time we have a sprayer and its not hard but if you don't have one these might be good for all the time so you don't stick your hands in anything gross. These could be great for daycare or a sitter. My husband loved these so much before we got our sprayer that he bought a box of them. I think its something that's great to have some of no matter what you're doing. But I wouldn't flush them into a septic system I think they maybe a little less able to break down than they say. I washed a few in the washer by accident ( you do have to remember to pull them out) and they weren't too worse for wear. I think its a very clever product.
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Tracy Mosher
Aug 24, 2014
We have been using these for about 18 months now. LOVE them!! I do flush them and there haven't been any issues with the septic so that's good. I just wish the large size were longer rather than getting wider. But they are still al life saver and have saved the diapers a lot of staining. Which is good since we are having another baby (#10) that was an unexpected, yet very pleasant surprise. We don't have a sprayer since i'm sure it would become more of a toy for the other little kids.
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Jul 17, 2014
Great for traveling. I spray at home but when taking trips I use these so I can toss the poo out and not keep in the wetbag. The roll last a LONG time!
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Feb 7, 2017
When our daughter began eating food, the smell and texture of her poop changed so much that we thought we might give up on cloth diapers! But thankfully we tried these liners! They make changing messy diapers so easy - and washing them too. We haven't tried flushing them, we just throw them out. The small size has been working fine so far and she is 11 months now.
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