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boingo medium red workhorse diaper boingo fastened workhorse medium

boing on red edge prefold

Snappis and Boingos have very similar grabbers. The grabbers hook into the fabric. This works best on a twill fabric such as prefold diapers or Workhorse diapers. It can work on birdseye fabric, and many people successfully use them on birdseye flats, but it is more likely to damage the fabric over time and use than diapers pins are, so it's not our first recommendation for birdseye flat diapers. We do not recommend this type of fastener with any knit fabric because it could snag or cause a runner or hole in knit fabric. Use this type of fastener with woven fabric only.

compare back of snappi and boing diaper fastners close up boingo back back of boingo

Follow the package instructions! Be sure to break them in before using by stretching them a few times to soften them up. ALWAYS use a wrap style cover over them (not a pull-on style) so that the cover also aids in holding the fastener in place. The cover is important to keep them away from baby. Don't allow baby to hold the Boingo.

To minimize wear on the fabric, always pull the fastener out to release the grippers from the fabric. Do not pull straight up on them, which will yank the grippers out of the fabric and can possibly damage the fabric. Releasing the gripper with a slight outward motion will let it out of the fabric properly.

When storing them when not in use, I like to use a little paper or plastic baggie, Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag size Mini or a Pink Daisy Mini Bag or something. You don't want to be digging around in the bottom of you diaper bag and come across an unprotected fastener so keeping them in something, or a certain compartment in the diaper bag for example, is useful. The grabbers are sharp enough to hurt your skin but with a little logical care it's no problem. Likewise, when you are using diaper pins, always store the pins in the closed position. An open pin is not safe. This is common sense but it bears mentioning.

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