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Blueberry Diaper Pail Liner Laundry Bag

Blueberry Diaper Pail Liner Laundry Bag
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Also called Blueberry Laundry Bag. Another great made in USA choice. They fit the same tall kitchen garbage can (13 gallon size) pail size. Don't confuse this Pail Liner Laundry Bag with the tote-style Blueberry Deluxe Laundry Tote Bag which is a different style with a zipper below. This one fits most tall kitchen garbage cans or hang it. It has a toggle adjustable elastic cord. Coordinating prints that match the Swaddelbees Simplex all-in-one diapers. Made in the USA.

Measures 27" wide x 28" tall with an 8" gusset. Fabric content: 100% polyester laminate. Made in the USA. Machine wash warm along with your regular / diaper laundry. Tumble dry warm or hang to dry with your regular or diaper laundry. DO NOT USE BLEACH or put through a sanitize cycle.  This will cause the bag's waterproof lining to de-laminate. This is true for all brands of pail liners, diaper covers or anything made out of this type of regular diaper cover fabric.

hanging diaper pail To use as a hanging diaper pail or laundry bag, simply slip cord over a hook or door knob.

petalsblueberries diaper pail liner diaper pail liner baby birds print diaper pail iner bedtime story print diaper pail liner hedgehogs print diaper pail liner kittens diaper pail liner mermaids print  diaper pail liner trees print workzone diaper pail liner  Coordinates with other Blueberry brand items such as Capri

covers and Blueberry Wet Bags.


About Diaper Pail Liners

Moving the diapers to the washing machine is easier with a liner. Our liners are good, durable liners that are made to be washed with the diapers. Dry for a short time in the dryer or hang to dry for longest life. They do dry quickly. It's extra nice to have two pail liners, so you can put a fresh one in the pail right away on wash day. The purpose of the liner is to make it easier to transport the diapers to the washing machine and for keeping poop streaks off the inside of the diaper pail. For deep water soaking, do not use a pail liner. We don't recommend deep water soaking because that is a drowning risk. If you want to soak, that's fine but do it in your washing machine safely away from baby and children. Using a pail liner really decreases or eliminates the need to scrub out the inside of the pail. I never scrub out my pail, but I do put it in the sun to deodorize it occasionally. I think it is a good idea to put the pail in outside in the sun once in a while if you can because UV rays really do freshen up the pail itself without any scrubbing at all.

This Blueberry Pail Liner also works as a hanging diaper pail which is wonderful for increased air circulation which keeps odors down, plus it's nice-looking. Looking for a diaper pail? We don't sell them because any garbage pail without a lid or with a lid that is not airtight works well. Yes, I do mean NOT airtight. Airtight diaper storage is bad. The pail does need some air circulation.

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Nov 12, 2013
Love the prints and size. I only use mine for the car to dump my full wetbag into while traveling. We have long car rides. 20 minutes one way to the post office and 4 hours one way to the city. Big enough for staying away from home for a few nights too. So it works great for us. The only reason I did give 4 stars is the elastic is hard to cinch close if you do use it that way. I also had to restring the elastic through after a wash, then make a tight knot so it wouldn't happen again. Nice fabric, and easy washing.
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Dec 23, 2014
I really like this liner, but it's not perfect. It performs great in the pail and washes well. My issue is the drawstring. It's elastic, which is nice for getting it to sit properly in the pail, but it doesn't pull all the way closed. This makes travelling with it a little trickier. If you only use it in the pail, I highly recommend it. If you intend to use the drawstring, be aware of the limitations.
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Matthew Phillips
Jun 24, 2014
We've been using the "Elephants" version of this pail liner for about 6 months now and I can't say enough good things about it. We've experienced no leakages thus far, and we really love that you can use the toggle to close the opening (for those trips to Grandma's house where the wash has to come with you). It's been through the washer about every other day and even in the dryer a few times (whoops!), but it's held up like a champ. Of the pail liners that we've purchased this one appears to have the best and strongest seams. Oh, and it washes very clean after every use! We had one from another brand that we thew away in the first month due to a smell that started up.
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