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Blueberry Organic Cotton Wipes

Blueberry Organic Cotton Wipes
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Blueberry made of organic cotton muslin baby wipes. Package of 12 wipes. Two layers of lovely, soft muslin (also called gauze) fabric.

closeup of fabric organic baby wipes after washing shown after washing. This picture only shows five of them but each package contains 12 wipes. Soft, lovely organic fabric!

Generously sized at about 5 or 6 inches wide by 8 or 9 inches long after washing. Shrinkage will vary. Like all soft two-layer cotton items the edges might curl a little with the shrinkage which is the normal nature of muslin fabric. This is much less curly than the prefold fabric and they do lay quite flat but do expect some curling or wrinkling at the edges which is normal and fine. The Two-sided wipes do this too, as do the cotton doublers and muslin flat diapers. It is a normal property of soft cotton woven fabrics. I love this fabric! The gauze weave has just enough gripiness to it so that it doesn't cause smearing but yet not too much. These are very nice wipes. The cotton was organically grown, too which means they are made of organic cotton.

Soft, gentle and absorbent wipes made with 2 layers of unbleached cotton gauze, which is also called muslin fabric. Designed for multi-functional use, these wipes can be used as any or all of the following:

resusable alternative to disposable baby wipes for cleaning babies’ bottoms; keep at least 24 wipes for this purpose

boosters or doublers for reusable cloth diapers when extra absorbency is needed

wash cloths for cleaning dirty little faces, fingers, or runny noses, traveling towels or make-up removers

TO USE: Wash a few times prior to first use. Use with warm water or your favorite diaper wash solution.

Made of organically grown cotton. Made in Pakistan.

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Sep 19, 2016
I love these wipes. We use them for everything. Diaper wipes, washcloths, light doublers, etc. you have to prep them like your regular GMD diapers but after that they are soft and quilty. I just add water to my wipe container and use a light spritz of Mambino Organics diaper wash as needed.
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Oct 30, 2016
I am really enjoying these. I personally don't like terry cloth for wipes, but that's just my preference. I really like this material. Its the happy median between "scrubby" and smooth. Very useful cloths.
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