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Blueberry Coveralls

Blueberry Coveralls
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$18.95 each

One-size 10-40 pounds (note from Karen: this runs roomy, better at 15 pounds and up)

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Fit note from Karen: This is best from 4 or 5 months old or more. The fit is roomier than other one-size covers and it will still fit when other one-size covers have been outgrown. It is not cut for a very young baby. There is plenty of room inside this cover for adding extra absorbency when that is needed. Use it for daytime or nighttime.

This is just like the Capri Cover size2/one-size except it does not have the inner stay-put flaps.

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Wipe-clean interior. No inner flaps (the Blueberry Capri Cover is similar but has inner flaps). It does have leg gussets. There are 3 rise adjustments. Polyester with polyurethane laminate (PUL). Made in USA.

This is an adjustable diaper cover for use with your favorite prefold, flat, fitted or contoured diapers. It uses a lightweight and waterproof fabric with a laminated interior that can easily be wiped clean/dry and re-used. Latex-free elastic covered by soft bindings.

coveralls adjustable cover 3 sizes

For the newborn version of this cover, go to Blueberry Mini-Coveralls.

For the version with the inner flaps in both sizes, go to Blueberry Capri Cover.


The sizes and styling are the same except that Capri has the inner stay-put flaps and the Mini-Coveralls and the Coveralls do not have that.

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Apr 23, 2014
We recently bought these covers to replace our medium covers for our very rapidly growing toddler. These are huge! But that's a good thing. I was looking to buy covers that were high quality and would really last until 40 lbs. These are perfect for that. They fit great over xl prefolds and fitteds, and have tons of room for over night double stuffings. No red marks left on my daughter which is great. The double gussets are soft and fit nicely. She will definitely potty train out of this size. I wouldn't recommend them for trifolding since they are very large and do have exposed snaps on the inside. Overall a great cover that I highly recommend.
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Lily Green
Apr 7, 2014
We LOVE these diaper covers - at this point after our son outgrew some of his other ones we've been using these exclusively. They are so easy and adjustable, easy for grandparents to use, and easy to wash and dry!
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Jun 10, 2014
This is my favorite cover! It fits my 35 pound two and a half year old and my 17ish pound two and a half month old. It doesn't leave red marks on their thighs and is adorable! Pricey but soo worth it!!
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Sep 12, 2014
I purchased the Coverall for my petite 7 mo old and my above average 2 yr old, and it fits them both beautifully! I am so happy with this purchase, and the longer I cloth diaper, the happier I am. I see how cloth diapering needs can quickly change, and this is a cover that has taken all of those changes in stride! This cover has contained everything my babies have dished out and has covered any diaper I've put under it no problem. I put off purchasing this cover for a long time because I was hesitant over its price. I have absolutely no regrets except that I didn't go with my first instinct and purchase these sooner.
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May 5, 2015
I just started using these (had been using the size 1 capri before). I am really happy they fit my 12lb baby. She is tall and thin and could have definitely fit her from around 11lbs. She had been getting too long for the capris and it was getting annoying adjusting them every time to make sure they were covering the cloth all the way. These are surprisingly not hugely bulky imo and they hand wash really easily. I also got the Thirsties Snaps covers and they are a little bigger but still fit perfectly at her size now, although they wouldn't have fit at 11lbs. They are a good cheaper alternative but for the cute colors and a little bit better cloth quality the coveralls are well worth it.
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