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Blueberry Capri Cover - Sale Prints

Blueberry Capri Cover - Sale Prints
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SIZE 1 (tags say either size 1 or Newborn): 6-16 lbs     Waist: SIZE 1: 11-19 inches , Thighs: SIZE 1: 3.5-10 inches, Rise: SIZE 1: 12.5-15 inches

SIZE 2 (tags say either size 2 or one size): 12-35 lbs     Waist: SIZE 2: 15-23 inches, Thighs: SIZE 2: 6-13.5 inches, Rise: SIZE 2: 15-19 inches

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A two-size cover from Blueberry (formerly Swaddlebees) with stay-put flaps. Made in USA.

The cover is designed for tucking a diaper under the front and back flap. This is nice to help hold a trifolded diaper in place and it also keeps the PUL away from baby since the knit fabric is there on the flaps. But just because it has flaps doesn't mean you have to use them. You can still use this over fitted diapers or fastened prefolds! In a way, having the flaps there is the best of both worlds - wipe-clean and covered PUL. The part of the inside of the cover that is most likely to touch baby's skin is where the flap is, so that's nice. Yet the main part of the inside of the cover is exposed laminate which doesn't pick up moisture like the knit part can, so you may be able to re-use this through a few more changes than a true covered PUL cover. So it's not exactly a true wipe-clean but, like the Flip (Flip runs a bit smaller at the hips than Capri), it's mostly a wipe-clean cover. See the inside of the cover. The prints are really adorable. 100% polyester. These are high quality covers and are made in USA.

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