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Bamboo Rayon and Cotton Blend Prefolds

Bamboo Rayon and Cotton Blend Prefolds
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Why discontinued the bamboo blend? Bamboo rayon has shrinkage issues when you bleach it. Sometimes, such as if baby has an illness, bleach is needed. But you can't bleach these without overshrinking (ruining) them, so we decided to stay with 100% cotton prefolds only in our prefold product line.


bamboo prefolds sale shown before washing

bamboo cotton prefold comparison trifolded bamboo or cotton prefolds See that the bamboo runs smaller than the cotton.


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They shrink a bit more than cotton so they run slightly smaller than the cotton versions.

Size Edge Color


Approx. Weight / Age

Approx width by length after washing, inches but will continue to shrink with use
Newbie (preemie wide) SOLD OUT   premature or as doublers 11x11 but thin 2-6-2 ply. All other sizes are 4-8-4 ply.
Newborn (sold out) SOLD OUT   6-10 lbs, 0-2 months 11x11, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Novice (4-6-4 ply version of Small) SOLD OUT   8-15 lbs, birth to 5 months 12.5x13.5, lightweight 4-6-4 ply
Small (sold out) SOLD OUT   10-15 lbs, 6 weeks to 5 months 12.5x13.5, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Medium called Intermediate (sold out) SOLD OUT   14-29 lbs 14.5x15, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Large (sold out) SOLD OUT   9-36 months 14.5x17, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply


Please be sure to go to details button to learn more and pick your correct size.

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newbie novice shown after washing

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