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Bamboo Rayon and Cotton Blend Prefolds

Bamboo Rayon and Cotton Blend Prefolds
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$12 to $26 per package of 6 diapers (6-pack), depending on options (see table below). Also available individually.

Prefold diapers in the same sizes as our cotton Cloth-eez® prefolds, but made from a different material. These are made from a blend of 55% bamboo rayon/45% unbleached cotton, or some sizes (newbie, novice and intermediate) are 50% bamboo rayon and 50% cotton. Whenever you see the word "bamboo" in a fabric item, know that it is not actually a piece of bamboo. It always means rayon made from bamboo, which is called bamboo rayon. The celluose from the bamboo plant is suitable for processing into a rayon yarn. Changing a bamboo plant into the soft rayon yarn is quite a process. Why offer "Bamboo Prefolds"? While they are more costly than cotton, they really do have a softer, silkier feel. Personally, my preference is for 100% cotton and I'm very happy with the softness and the feel of 100% cotton. Cotton has been used in diapering for many generations and bamboo rayon has only been used in diapering for about a decade. My recommendation is for 100% cotton, but some people simply prefer the silky, slipperier feel of the bamboo/cotton blend and enjoy it more. We had many requests for this, so here it is! All of the quality you know and love from the Cloth-eez® brand in a new fabric available in our great selection of sizes. Note that bamboo rayon shrinks more than cotton, since it is part rayon, so the sizes will run a little smaller than the corresponding sizes in the 100% cotton version. If you want the softest prefold diaper fabric, this is it.  Shrinkage may also depend on how you wash it. Please use mainstream laundry liquid (such as Tide unscented or something like that).  Do not use any bleach or high pH powders "made for cloth diapers" products on rayon or it may overshrink.  

The edge stitch is off-white while the straight stitch under the edge is the color which indicates the size. We used the edge-stitch colors in this manner so it is easy to see which kind of prefold is which when you have various kinds of prefolds in your stash at your changing station. (The organic cotton version has an-off white straight stitch and color on the edge stitch, while the regular cotton version has color for both the straight and the edge stitch - so you can tell which kind is which easily). We don't have pictures of them on babies yet, but they look exactly the same except for the slight difference in the edge stitch color pattern. Is bamboo rayon harder to wash than 100% cotton? Yes, I think so. It is pickier about pH and doesn't like very high pH laundry products as stated above (and I'm repeating it for emphasis), but it's still much, much easier to clean than microfiber or polyester blend fabrics. Plus don't use super-heated temperatures such as sanitary or steam cycles or crazy-harsh stuff with these, which, by the way, aren't good for cotton prefolds or other diapers either. Regular hot washes are fine. We suggest using mainstream laundry detergent liquid for best results with Bamboo.  The measurements in the chart below were taken after several hot washes but they will continue to shrink more over time and with use. Custom made in Pakistan for Green Mountain Diapers.

bamboo prefolds sale shown before washing

bamboo cotton prefold comparison trifolded bamboo or cotton prefolds See that the bamboo runs smaller than the cotton.

Bamboo rayon blend or 100% cotton? Bamboo is softer-silkier feeling. Customers say it seems to be more absorbent and I think it probably is. Cotton seems to absorb a bit faster than the bamboo/cotton blend, but the difference in both of these aspects is slight. The bamboo prefolds shrink more thus run smaller. Cotton washes more easily but the bamboo version still washes pretty easily, too, and much, much easier than polyamide inserts. No comparison, really. Bamboo costs a little more, but is still reasonably priced (a large bamboo prefold at $4.00 is still a good price for a big diaper), and it takes a litle longer to dry. The biggest difference is the way it feels since it feels slicker since it's a rayon blend. It's so soft! Size large brown edge is shown in the comparison pictures. You can try one individual diaper and choose first class shipping if the order weight is light enough to ship first class. Sometimes it's good to just try one and see what you prefer. They are available individually using the drop down box above.

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They shrink a bit more than cotton so they run slightly smaller than the cotton versions.

Size Edge Color



package of 6

Approx. Weight / Age

Approx width by length after washing, inches but will continue to shrink with use
Newbie (preemie wide) grey $12.00 / 6-pack premature or as doublers 11x11 but thin 2-6-2 ply. All other sizes are 4-8-4 ply.
Newborn orange $15.50 / 6-pack 6-10 lbs, 0-2 months 11x11, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Novice (4-6-4 ply version of Small) green $15.50 / 6-pack 8-15 lbs, birth to 5 months 12.5x13.5, lightweight 4-6-4 ply
Small yellow $18.50 / 6-pack 10-15 lbs, 6 weeks to 5 months 12.5x13.5, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Medium called Intermediate (sold out) white $22.00 / 6-pack 14-29 lbs 14.5x15, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply
Large brown $24.00 / 6-pack 9-36 months 14.5x17, heavyweight 4-8-4 ply

Novice is the same size as size Small yellow edges but it is the lightweight 4-6-4 ply. This means you can put this size on your newborn and it will fit for a little while longer than the size newborn but you do have 2 fewer layers in the center.

Newbie is an alternative size to Preemie and it could have been called Preemie Wide. It is the very lightweight 2-6-2 ply just like size Preemie, but the dimensions are the same as Newborn orange edge. This means that it is a little shorter and wider than a regular Preemie size. It is intended for 4-8 pounds or a doublers.

Please be sure to go to details button to learn more and pick your correct size.

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newbie novice shown after washing

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holly Makanoeich
Feb 15, 2014
I absolutely love these. The material is soft to the touch and fluffy. These are just as absorbent as the cotton but more flexible when folding the diaper. I hope they come out with the workhorse bamboo fitted diaper. These are just perfect!
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Feb 28, 2014
I would love to have this option in the fitted diapers!
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Mar 20, 2014
Love these! They are so soft!!! They do take longer to prep and dry but worth it! I am going to replace all my microfiber inserts with these in my pocket diapers.
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May 9, 2014
My first order I purchased a half dozen of the organic cotton, and a half dozen of the bamboo/cotton. I definitely always reach for the bamboo first...they are SO soft and a touch more absorbent. Ordering more now!
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Jun 8, 2014
I love these. As the other moms said, so soft and absorbent. These are the only thing my super heavy wetter won't leak through at night. I use them with a hemp doubler and a thirstiest cover. AMAZING!
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