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Babee Greens Classic Merino Wool Diaper Covers

Babee Greens Classic Merino Wool Diaper Covers
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Small 8-18 pounds

Medium 15-25 pounds (I think this runs more like 12-22)

Large 20-35 pounds

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I love the snap-side styling! Side snaps provide great coverage for leak-free diapering, and I think it's very comfortable for baby because nothing is tight across the tummy area. There are several snap adjustments at the leg and waist for a custom fit. Made of Okeo Tex 100 certified merino wool. The snaps are reinforced with a small section of hidden cotton facing between the two layers of wool, thus the snaps are reinforced.  This way the snaps stay strong over the life of the cover. The wool is jersey knit so it is stretchy and since it's merino, it is soft and comfy. I keep saying "comfy" when talking about this cover! While this style of cover is trim for daytime use, it does work decently overnight for some babies. You might want to size-up for overnight use if in the upper half of the recommended weight range. When it is time to wash it, please wash by hand in a proper wool wash to keep it soft and in shape. Made in the USA. This cover is terrific because it's so soft and cool inside because wool breathes.

6 weeks old 14 pounds  See this on a baby.

Link to Babee Greens Wrap Style version.

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Nov 11, 2013
I love this cover, it's the perfect wool cover! The fit is great, the wool is super soft, the elastic is stretchy, and I love the side snaps. We diapered my son and now my daughter using these covers. I bought two (and a few one-size PUL back-ups) for my diaper covering system, and I've used fitted diapers, pre-folds, and my favorites- flats under the cover all with success. This cover is so wonderful that I recommended it to my sister and she uses it for her son exclusively! You do get a little "puffier" bottom because of the extra fabric layer, but that's the nature of wool. My children have all looked cool and comfortable wearing them, they've kept in the poopy blow-outs from the early months and fit well on my crawler and walker. In my opinion, if you're going to try wool (and you really should), this should be at the top of your list. (And I've tried a few different wool covers). As a note, I found that they stretch a little as they age, so whatever size you buy will likely last past what the maximum weight lists if you are buying it new. In other words, you get a lot of wear out of each size, so buy the largest size your child will fit in and you have a nice diaper that will fit for a long time.
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Gisselle Gutierrez
May 5, 2015
I have 2 under 2. I love these for both! We bought the medium for our newborn who was 8 lbs at birth and now 13 lbs at 8 weeks. We have the large for our 26 lb. toddler who is almost 2. (Where did the time go). There is plenty of room to grow into for both.

We have 2 babeegreens and 2 disana for the newborn. For the toddler we have 1 babeegreens and 2 disana. We are also potty training at home so the babeegreens is just for outings.

We are prefold/wool converts from Charlie banana which we used with our toddler since birth. Until they got stinky and leaky. I tried everything. We bought the disana for overnight and were sold on wool.

The babeegreens are the perfect daytime compliment. They are super soft and luxe feeling. I just love putting these on my girls.

Wool is truly the way to go.
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Tabetha Burke
Mar 10, 2014
I love these. For my newborn stash the only wool cover I had was the Disana, I used it for my nighttime diapering. I was so happy with the Disana that I wanted a wool cover that would fit under my sons clothes during the day. This cover was it! I'm not sure my sons weight right now (I would guess just over 10 lbs) but I decided skip over the smalls and go with the medium size to save some money (and because Karen had suggested mediums for 12lbs and I knew my son wasn't to far from there) I'm glad I did. The Medium sits just under his belly button and is little bulky under his clothes, but I don't mind because I know it will last me a long time. I'm also kind of used to the bulk because just a couple of weeks ago he was so tiny that his newborn diapers seemed bulky. I love the softness of these, I love that with my wool covers he doesn't get marks on his legs from the elastic, and I love having natural material on my baby's skin. I also really like the snaps on these and I like that the flaps with the extra snaps tuck inside of the diaper instead of hang over the outside. My stash now consists of 2 medium Babee Greens covers for daytime, 3 Bummis Super light for my daytime backups, and 2 small Disana wool covers for nighttime. I use GMD prefolds under my daytime and Workhorses for nighttime. My son is currently in the yellow stitched GMD's. I'm so glad I went with GMD, I don't think I would have enjoyed cloth diapering if I would have went with something else. Organic cotton and wool covers are where it's at!
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Sarah Watson
Mar 6, 2014
I have three of these covers and absolutely love them. I have used them since my son was about 6 months old/15 lbs and he is now 11 months old 22.5 lbs. We are still on the smallest setting of the snaps, so I envision these covers lasting well into the next year for him. I wash/lanolize these about every two months, because honestly they have never leaked. I only do the wash/lanolizing because I feel like i need to, not because of any stink or leakage. While these are an expensive investment up front, you can get by with just three of these. When we travel, this is all I take, and I just let them air out really well between uses. Great product!
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Jul 9, 2014
Obsessed with wool here. This is my under-clothes cover (Disana pull on when we're at home and overnight--honestly that's my absolute favorite). I only use my PULs as backup when the BabeeGreens is drying from a wash. It never leaks and is so soft, comfy, and breathable. I have a small and it has fit my newborn beautifully from 7-10 lbs so far with room to grow. Underneath I use a GMD newborn prefold or workhorse, often with a hemp/cotton doubler too. There's plenty of room.

It really fits fine under clothing and when it sticks out of onesies it's so soft and cute, who cares?

I've washed it twice now (my baby is 6 weeks), because of blowouts, not because it smelled. Again, the cover never leaked all that poop, it just got a little icky around the inside of the leg holes. I can literally put this cover right on my face during diaper changes and it only smells a tiny bit like the witch hazel from my wipe solution.

If you've never snuggled a baby wearing a wool cover, you haven't lived. Also, attention breastfeeding mothers who haven't quite gotten the hang of it (read: your nipples are sad)--well, that was me for 2, almost 3 weeks. When you're nursing your baby cross-cradle and your other nipple grazes a PUL cover it hurts! Wool is so soft and lovely, you can just sink your sad other nipple into your baby's bottom and smile.
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