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Free Shipping on orders over $75 $49, ordering and shipping information

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Shop for cloth diapers with confidence. Green Mountain Diapers is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and Verisign secured.

Shipping for US Sales:

We ship fast!

Contiguous 48-States USA orders, any size, ship for just $4.95 for orders up to $49.00*

FREE SHIPPING for all 48-states USA orders $49.00 and up.

If the order is lightweight first class shipping can be chosen for $2.95.

* Orders of $49 of actual products, that is. The purchase of a gift certificate does not count towards the free shipping threshold amount, but the spending of the gift certificate on products does count towards the free shipping threshold. 

free shipping

Our straightforward shipping is reasonable. And its FAST!

We ship fast! Most orders leave here within a few hours of being placed to within 24 hours of being placed on business days, and we usually use USPS Priority mail and that's fast! If your order is large and heavy, it will ship UPS with tracking. Some very light orders may go first class. Depending on location it can be quick or at most 5 business days, but the package leaves here quickly so it's as fast as it can be.

About our shipping: 1 dozen prefold diapers actually costs $12.05 to ship in a USPS medium flat rate box. A large flat rate priority mail box really does cost $16.55, but our flat rate is only $4.95 so hey, our shipping rates are a good deal. Check this info at the USPS website. Commercial base prices are the prices we pay, not retail. 

Standard Shipping Information:

We usually ship by UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail in our discretion. Heavier orders will be shipped by UPS Ground, so please provide your street address, and your e-mail address if you would like your tracking number. We do ship very quickly, but if you are west of the Mississippi and ordering a heavy order (diapers are heavy, covers are light), be aware that UPS Ground can take five to eight days in transit. We usually consider an order heavy if it is 5 pounds or more, but that varies. Multiple orders placed close together to ship on the same shipping business day to the same address will be combined and sent in one box when that is practical in our discretion.  If you require a certain shipping method, please Contact Us.

HI, AK and non-contiguous 48-states All orders weighing 13 ounces or greater are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  The shipping charge is $6.95 up to 7 pounds.  Over 7 pounds, the shipping charge is $1.00 per pound and is automatically calculated on the order checkout page.

Rushed Shipping Information:  For expedited shipping, please Contact Us . The link for additional shipping payments is here: Custom Shipping, but please contact us first to get your shipping quote.

local pick up information Local Pickups:  Here is the link for local pickup information. We do not have a store, but you can order online then come to the loading dock to pick up your order.

International, Canada: Green Mountain Diapers does not ship internationally. We do not accept international credit cards. More information about international shipping and some helpful links: International Shipping Information.

We sometimes require a signature to deliver your package in our discretion.  Please be sure the shipping address provided can receive a signature-required package.


Packages returned to us undeliverable or refused:

Undeliverable packages will be subject to a reduction of the actual actual postage cost paid. That is, you get your money back for the items but you don't get the postage that was spent back. We don't reship. You have to place a new order online. Your refund notice will be emailed to you, so you'll find out about an undeliverable package when you receive the refund email. Please double check your addresses to avoid this expensive problem. Do NOT address packages "new baby so-and-so". They won't make it. Please use a parent's name, not the baby's name, to ensure proper delivery.

Refused packages are subject to a 20% restocking fee plus a reduction of the actual shipping costs incurred. Note that UPS charges a return service fee which is not refundable. Please avoid RTS packages.

Cancellations:  Due to our rapid order fulfillment system, we are usually not able to change or cancel orders.   If you request a cancellation and we are able to cancel the order if it has not processed yet, we will cancel it at no charge. If the order has processed the refund may be reduced by a $3.00 order cancellation fee. This fee is to cover the credit card fees or Paypal fees and also the personnel time packing, unpacking and restocking the items takes, plus the manual accounting and paperwork that must be done to complete the cancellation. These are very real costs and this is a reasonable fee.    Often, because we do ship orders so rapidly, orders cannot be cancelled. But if we can catch an order before it ships to cancel it, a $3.00 cancellation fee is charged.   Please review your order carefully before placing it.  Sometimes a simple size or kind change is possible if the order has not shipped, but please take care to check your cart carefully before placing your order. Thank you for your help.

Address change requests: If we make an addressing mistake we will make it right at no cost to you. If the customer makes an addressing mistake and we ship it correctly to the address provided and, if the order has shipped by UPS and is correctable in the UPS system after it has shipped (USPS is not correctable) then the actual cost incurred to do the UPS Delivery Intercept, which at the time of this writing is $12.50, is a fee the customer must pay, usually as a rebill to the credit card used for the original order or a Paypal money request will be sent. Please make sure the shipping address is correct to avoid this expense and delay.

Explore what UPS has to offer in UPS My Choice to help you receive your packages.


We are happy to ship your package to a hotel for you if you would like. We are not responsible, however, if the package does not arrive on time, is lost or refused by the hotel. Orders returned to us will be refunded with all shipping costs deducted from the refund. To help your package arrive safely, please provide in the Customer Notes section of your order:


-Name under which hotel reservation is listed

-Dates hotel guest will be staying

-Contact name of hotel employee who is aware that package is coming



Contact Us

Go to the Contact Us link for fastest responses. Telephone: 800-330-9905.  Local Phone: 802-254-7361.  You may call us regarding an existing order, but email is strongly preferred. Ordering must be done online. E-mail questions you have to support @ greenmountaindiapers.com.

at the bottom of the left hand navigation column. Our address is Green Mountain Diapers 74 Cotton Mill Hill Unit A220, Brattleboro, VT 05301

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus and American Express cards (USA issued cards to USA addresses, plus APO/FPO addresses).

We now accept Paypal too.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any orders in our discretion.

We do not accept checks or money orders.

About Declines and address matching:

It is important for your billing address and zip code to match what appears on your credit card billing statement. If your credit card provider does not provide AVS matching, your order will decline and you will not be able to order using that card. Use a different card. If the name and address do not match, your transaction will decline.

But please note - this is not us, but the way credit card banks handle declines - the bank checks the card for available funds and freezes the funds for several days, even though no money moved if the transaction declines when the address doesn't match. This is true for all businesses who require matching billing addresses for credit card approvals. So please type your billing address and zip code correctly to avoid unnecessary declines, which will make that credit unavailable to you for several days or a week. The "grab" or "temporary authorization" the bank puts on your card for this attempted transaction automatically drops off by itself. There is no need to do anything. It will disappear soon. No money moved.

Sometimes banks provide incorrect information to the Address Verification System (AVS). If you are getting an AVS decline and the address you typed matches the address on your billing statement, call your bank to get the problem fixed, and use a different card until the problem is resolved.

If you get an AVS decline and the address is correct, do NOT keep trying it again. Every attempt will cause your bank to hold that credit for a week, and that can cause other problems. If you do that and end up with a credit problem, call the number on your card and ask for "the fax number to release temporary authorizations". Then send us an email with your bank's fax number and we can fax something to your bank certifying that we will not be capturing the declines and we'll ask them to release the temporary authorizations. The banks do not have to release it but they usually do. But please don't keep resubmitting a declining transaction. Use a different card. AVS is important to protect both you and me from fraud, so we choose to use this service.

GIFT CARDS and AVS Declines:

Your Visa or other gift card will work, but first you must call the telephone number on the back of the card and register the card to your name. This will put the address information in the AVS system, which is needed in order to get an AVS match. Without an AVS match, you cannot order from us. So please register the gift card before you check out.

Using mulitple payment methods:

The trick to using more than one payment method is to use the first card you want to use to purchase a Green Mountain diapers Gift Certificate for the exact amount of your Visa or other prepaid gift card, for yourself. Complete the purchase of the gift certificate. It arrives immediately in your email. Then you can use that gift certificate to buy your stuff when you checkout. This works great! Instructions are below. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

1. Create a gift certificate from our site for the exact amount of your first card or prepaid gift card (or any lesser amount if you desire). Prepaid cards must be registered to your zip code to approve, see above. Simply make the gift certificate out to you with your email address.

2. Go to the checkout page on our website with only the gift certificate in your cart.

3. Select Credit Card for payment method and enter your Visa or Amex Gift Card.

4. Once you complete the checkout process you will receive an email with your gift certificate ID.

5. Then, when you’re ready to place your order, add all of your items to the cart and select Gift Certificate for the Payment Method.

6. Enter your Gift Certificate ID (from Step 4) and click the submit order button.

7. Our system will then apply the gift certificate to your order and request payment again for the remaining balance. You can use mulitple gift certificates.

8. Select either PayPal or Credit Card to use for the remaining balance to purchase your items.

Rushed Shipping Information:

We usually can also ship by UPS Overnight, 2 day air or 3 day air at additional cost. If you would like your order shipped by a rushed method, please indicate your preference in the "Special Instructions" section at the end of the order form, AND give us clear direction to charge the appropriate cost. If we do not have very clear authority for the increased shipping charge, we can't do it. Usually we can do the rushed shipping with your package leaving right away, but sometimes we can't. We are a small business. Typically they do go out right away, but we do not guarantee it because just in case something comes up it's possible to be short-handed. We do have a few employees but we are not a large business with depth of staff. Our pickup cutoff may be early since we are on the east coast. You will be charged the actual shipping charge only, but not the standard shipping charges. Because we are rural, we cannot ship by Express Mail through the US Post Office at all, but must use UPS Overnight for all overnight packages.

Clothing is now tax-free in Vermont! VT residents add 6% sales tax for non-clothing items: such as wet bags, pail liners, and changing pads. Currently we do not collect sales tax for other states.

We do not ship internationally, except for US military APO/FPO customers which will be shipped by US Priority Mail. We thank you for serving! Allow one extra day to process the order so we have time to fill out the customs form.

Complete washing instructions/suggestions are included in the 16 page How-To Booklet that is available with your order but you must add it to the cart to receive it.

Order Acceptance Policy

We reserve the right to decline or refuse to accept any order in our discretion.

Customers will not investigate, analyze, break apart or otherwise destroy or manipulate the structure, content, materials, or other features of the products, which voids all warranty. In addition, customers agree not to design, produce, manufacture or cause to be manufactured any product(s) incorporating any of the intellectual property contained in any of the products.

BumGenius and Flip products can only be shipped to the USA.

Defective Merchandise? Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Return Policy

Unwashed, unused items in new condition may be returned to us (at customer's expense)  within 30 days. Often we will extend this normal 30 day return window for 15 extra days for newborn items, but returns are not accepted beyond 45 days (30 days plus 15 day grace period).

No RMA is necessary (that means you do not have to contact us first before sending items back).

We do not charge any restocking fees for items in new condition which are in their original packaging, but we do deduct 15% if the item is in new condition but without it's original packaging. Those plastic bags are important! If you are unsure about an item, put it back in the plastic bag right away. This helps keep the items free of odors, pet hair, perfume and especially scented laundry detergent smells from other items the new items might near. Keep the items in their bags, and keep the bags safely away from baby. Some items are individually packaged, keep that packaging, but often we pack many items into the same plastic bag so that we use less plastic overall. Yes, that plastic bag that contained several items is the one we are referring to, not the outer box.

Scroll up to see information on undeliverable and return to sender packages.

RETURNING FOR REFUND: The original payment method will be refunded less shipping cost if applicable. Please see information below*

*Returns of items which received free shipping: If the value of your order, after your return, is less than $49.00 (or whatever the free shipping threshold was at the time your order was placed), a shipping charge will be deducted from your refund. Often the shipping deducted is $4.95. The maximum shipping charge we will deduct is the amount we paid to ship your order to you. Orders returned in full: If an order is returned in full, we will deduct the actual shipping cost we paid to ship your order to you. If you paid our shipping charge of $4.95, we will deduct the difference between what we paid and what you paid in shipping costs. This is only reasonable, as in this situation no sale has been made.

RETURNING FOR STORE CREDIT: If you request a store credit we will issue you a gift certificate via email. If you received free shipping on your order, we will not deduct the original shipping cost from your order. If applicable, the original $4.95 shipping cost is not refundable. This is the recommended method for making an exchange.

RETURNING FOR EXCHANGE: We prefer that you opt for a refund or a store credit, but if you prefer to make an exchange we will charge our standard shipping charge or actual shipping, whichever is greater, even if the value of your exchange is over the free shipping threshold amount. (This is a new shipment without a new payment, therefore free shipping does not apply in this case.) Please let us know which payment method you would like us to use for the shipping/additional charges, and please provide contact information. In many cases it is less expensive for you to choose a refund or a store credit.

EXCHANGES OF EXCHANGES : If you exchange an item or use a store credit gift certificate to purchase an item, and then return the item, we must then issue you a refund (except in the case of gifts). All shipping costs associated with these transactions will be deducted from the refund.

BEDDING:   Please note that all bedding items are not returnable unless unopened.

Original shipping cost cannot be refunded.

PLEASE allow 3 weeks to process although usually turnaround is much faster. If you need it sooner, please place a new order online for our normal quick shipping. Returns are processed once or twice a week, so allowing a week for the package to get here, 1 week until the next return processing day worst case, and up to another week for return shipping, please allow 3 weeks worst-case. Often it is faster. Thank you for your patience.

Items with perfume, pet hair, dirt, cigarette smoke, deo-disk, disposable diaper odors or other odors cannot be returned.

Please include your receipt or a copy of it with your return, and write on it what you would like us to do, refund, gift certificate or exchange. If you have misplaced your receipt or email confirmation, please send us an email requesting a copy of your receipt, specifying the first and last name on the order in the email, and we'll email you an attachment of your original receipt which you can print out and use.

We cannot accept emailed or telephoned changes to exchanges. Exchanges will be processed as indicated on the paper in the returned box. You can always place a new order online if you need something additional and it's not on the paper in the box. We are a small business, and it is very important for us to keep the return/exchange process orderly and streamlined. Thank you for your cooperation.

RETURNING GIFTS: If returned for a refund, the original purchasing method (the gift giver) will be credited. To exchange instead, a gift certificate will be issued via email. Please be sure to include your email address with your contact information so that you can receive the gift certificate in your email. Please include the name of the gift giver (and the receipt if you have it) in your return package. The shipping deductions for various return situations described above does also apply to returns of gifts. See above.

Our address is:

Green Mountain Diapers

74 Cotton Mill Hill Unit A220

Brattleboro, VT  05301    USA    

* Exception to restocking fee: Orders of large quantities of diaper pins, defined as 16 pins or more, which are returned will be charged a restocking fee in our discretion. Why? To discourage the return of pins which have been used as baby shower decorations. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please inspect your order carefully upon arrival. Please let us know within 7 days if there is an error in your order. Washed items are not returnable, so be sure to check your order and to double check size tags prior to washing.


Expect shrinkage, especially of natural fibers. If unsure, try one before washing them all because washed items are not returnable. Expect shrinkage for cotton items and wool items. Fit is not guaranteed. Suggested weight ranges are only approximations and shrinkage will vary which is the normal and expected nature of natural fibers.

90 Day Warranty

Items including Cloth-eez brand and GMD items are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from purchase. Please contact us by email if any item is defective. Use of bleach, dying, boiling or other improper care or washing methods invalidates the warranty. Additional warranty information about Cloth-eez Prefolds. What it doesn’t cover: Leaking, odor issues, fit, fading, staining, normal wear and tear. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only.

Defective Merchandise

How defective merchandise is handled depends on how the particular manufacturer has decided to handle them.

If your product in question is listed below, please contact the manufacturer directly. For Cloth-eez, Workhorse, GMD, Mommy's Touch, Disana, and other items not listed below, please contact us. Pretty please give us your name, or the name the order was placed under if different, and other logical information that will help us find your original order and understand what the problem is.

Moth or bug damage is not covered under warranty for any natural fiber items.

If you need a copy of your receipt emailed to you for your warranty claim, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the left navigation bar and let us know what you need and we can email a copy of it to you. contact us.

Babee Greens: 877-868-6259 (toll free) or email them at info@babeegreens.com  or via their contact page on their website is http://babeegreens.com/contact/

Thirsties: Warranty

Thirsties products are under warranty for up to 90 days after the original purchase date. Defects include loose stitching, hole, sewing workmanship, etc. Staining, fading, and potential build-up is considered normal wear and tear and does not suffice for repair or replacement.  Contact Thirsties directly if you have a problem with a defective product.

Bummis: Please contact Bummis directly at service@bummis.com for warranty issues. 

Bummis guarantees Bummis Super Whisper, and Super Brite products will be waterproof for 100 washes.  This guarantee applies to the waterproof fabric only. They also guarantee that their products will be free of defects in workmanship after reasonable use as part of a normal rotation of diapering products. They will not replace products after 6 months or without a proper proof of purchase from a retailer. If you experience wicking of moisture to the outside of the cover fabric, please consult the Bummis washing information

GroVia: GroVia Customer Care

To make a warranty claim please fill out the Shipping & Return form on the GroVia website

Flip and Bum Genius warranty is through Cottonbabies. RMA request is here.

Smart Bottoms:  60 day warranty.

Blueberry (Swaddlebees): Guarantee

Blueberry (formerly Swaddlebees) guarantees every item they sell against material or workmanship defects for 365 days from the date of purchase. Please fill out the form on the Blueberry website.