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Pure-Rest Wool Play Pad Blanket

Pure-Rest Wool Play Pad Blanket
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$89.00 each for size 33x50 inches

wool blanket play pad

This blanket or puddle pad is similar to the Pure-Rest Wool Moisture Protection Pad but this is a little fluffier and thicker. I wouldn't call it snuggly, but it is soft to the touch and will work fabulously as a moisture barrier pad. This is what you want as a moisture barrier over your carpet or rug when baby is playing with no diaper on at all, or with a cotton diaper but no diaper cover. You can use it on your bed under your sheet to as a moisture barrier or you can use it over a sheet as a wool blanket. Note the size 33x50 inches which is wider than a crib mattress (a crib mattress is 28 x 52) but smaller than a twin mattress (which is 38 x 75). It is big enough to fit under the area where you sleep, which can be nice for breastmilk leakage protection or in case your water breaks in bed. Then later on, it is nice enough to be used as a blanket, whereas the regular Pure-Rest Wool Moisture Protection Pads are only for that purpose. Those are thin and dense so they are only for that use on a bed. This one could be used either way, as a pad or a blanket. It isn't super-cuddly like the Disana blankets are, but it is much nicer than a wool army blanket and not scratchy like those can be. My favorite use is right in the middle of my living room floor. It defines the play area in a Montessori-style way. In addition to the cushioning it provides, it keeps my carpet protected from the many various wetnesses that happen with young children in the room.

Made in San Diego, CA, USA by Pure-Rest. 100% wool. No dyes. Breathable. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, chemical-free, dye free, flame resistant. Made with untreated wool from USA free range sheep. The sheep are not treated with antibiotics or hormones. They free range graze on lush fields that are not treated with pesticides or herbicides. Please see more pictures and read more about the wool mattress pads (which are similar) to help you understand wool on the wool mattress pads page.

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