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Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion

Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion
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Spray this mix onto a moist wipe or you can even spray this directly onto baby's bottom to clean, refresh and soothe. Give the bottle a quick shake before spraying. It's very convenient. Many fancy baby products are overly fragrant, but this smells nice without being overpowering. We like this especially well because it washes easily from the cloth diapers.   A little goes a long way.  One or two spritzes onto your wet cotton wipe is enough to fresh up baby and keep rashes way by keeping thing clean.    It's easy to grab to make fresh wipes for the diaper bag or changing table. I love this for a good clean up in the morning if baby sleeps all night. It doesn't just cover the morning odor, it gently cleans the skin. A very, very nice product, and a little goes a very long way.  I use it just after poop changes or morning or after nap. It's not needed for us for quick wet only changes, but babies vary and needs vary.   (This is great for mom, too - sometimes a shower for mom is hard to come by with a baby in the house, and this is a quick freshen-up.) I'm convinced using Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion is the reason why my third baby has no rash problems (and she has lousy, dry excema-prone skin elsewhere). I wish I had this stuff back when my first 2 children were babies.  Made in USA.

All natural ingredients no alcohol. No Parabens. No phthalates.

Ingredients: distilled water infused with witch hazel, jojoba oil infused with chamomile (softens, hydrates), lavender essential oil (healing, fragrant), tea tree essential oil, cosmocil cq (gentle, FDA approved preservative). Formulated and mixed in the United States, in small batches and with great attention to quality and detail.

Note from Karen: In my experience, the ingredients in the Kissaluvs Spray really do help prevent diaper rash because they clean bacteria away better than soaps alone. Bacteria causes rash, so when baby's bottom is cleaned well and gently, it will not only smell better but be much less likely to get a rash. It is better to prevent rashes and not need any rash cream than to try to wash rash cream out of cloth diapers, which is not an easy task. If you must use a rash cream, use the flushable diaper liners to protect your diapers. Rash creams are not normally needed for cloth diapered babies. It's common for disposable diapered babies to have their bottoms slathered with rash cream at every change. This is not done on cloth diapered babies. Rash creams are rarely needed at all, unless baby is sick or severly teething. Really! Some of the reason is the cotton diapers themselves, but I wonder if the wipes potions on the cotton wipes are also making a big difference because they work better than disposable wipes. Instead of smearing, cotton wipes clean well. You can make wipes sprays with soap or other ingredients in the inexpensive spray bottle sold above. That is a great economical option! Or keep things simple with these wipes-making product choices: Kissaluvs or spray or Bum Genius Bottom Cleaner.. Which one? Well, which scent and which ingredients do you like? Kissaluvs has lavender, Bum Genious Bottom Cleaner's scent is slightly grapefruit and it is a more mild scent.   All witch hazel must be preserved somehow. The witch hazel you will find in stores is typically the kind preserved with alcohol.   Kissaluvs Spray has the perservative found in saline solution and contact lens cleaners, so you know it is gentle it it is used in those things.  Both sprays are great, in my opinion, so to me, it really comes down to which scent you prefer. I actually like to have both for a little variety. As for witch hazel with alcohol, I think the alcohol is fine. It cleans very well, and seems to kill rash-causing bacteria. As long as skin is not broken, it doesn't sting. But if skin is broken, the kind with alcohol can sting (the Kissaluvs Spray  and the BumGenius Bottom Cleaner both do NOT have alchohol).  But don't skip the cloth wipes, not matter what you decide to use on them. Cotton wipes are wonderful! (end of my sermon about wipes.)

kissaluvs diaper lotion potion spray for cloth wipes

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